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If you have a jet ski rental business and are looking for software to improve your efficiency, look no further!

With our jet ski rental software, you’ll easily be able to manage inventory and add an online booking system for your lakeside/beachside business. Plus, with features like payment processing, signed waivers, and everything else you need, you’ll be able to grow your company without any hassle!

Businesses who trust us with their rentals:
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jet ski rental software
What we do
Jet ski rental software

Our real-time jet ski rental management system books and processes payments quickly and efficiently.

At Sharefox, we make rental booking easy, whether you’re at your business or anywhere else in the world. We recognize that managing rentals can be time-consuming and difficult, so we created a system to do it all for you! With Sharefox, you’ll get real-time bookings, payments and receipts. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to streamline their rental inventory management.

Jet ski rental software

Have the power to manage your jet ski rental business from no matter where you are in the world

With Sharefox, you can easily manage your jet ski rental service business from practically any location. This way, you have more freedom and flexibility to oversee your company. Additionally, your customers can pick (and pay for) inflatables 24/7. The user-friendly and mobile Sharefox inventory manager and point-of-sale system makes business operation a breeze, meaning you’ll never miss another rental.


Most jet ski rental company managers care about:

  • Keep track of inventory

    Keep your inventory neat, no matter the size. Track what you have on hand, see what needs to be restocked, and view past orders from your dashboard.

  • Efficiently manage deliveries

    No matter how you offer your product or service, we can help you manage the process efficiently.

  • Streamline your workflows with CRM tools

    Streamline customer communication, keep essential data stored, and manage emails and orders easily with a CRM add-on service.

  • Get the most out of your reports

    Use our performance reports to get insight into each product and improve your return on investment.

  • Automated notifications

    Keep up with your jet ski bookings and automatically remember when it’s time for maintenance–all through notifications sent straight to your device.

  • Assign different user roles

    Assign specific permissions and allow or deny access to team members by defining their user role on your rental software.

  • Get paid quicker

    With online payment platforms, you can get paid faster than ever, whether it’s a deposit or the full amount of an order. These platforms are also accessible from any type of device.

  • Manage multiple locations simultaneously

    Our rental software includes features that make it easy to manage multiple stores and large warehouses. With our software, you can keep track of different locations without any hassle.

Get all the tools you love in a single place.

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Our customers are obsessed with us!

See how Sharefox can help you grow your business faster.

  • jostein langslet

    Being able to rent a Kayak in the middle of our capital Oslo, just beside the Opera and Museum of Edvard Munch is spectacular. With our rental software it’s a smooth operation to book, pick up and just paddle the Oslo Fjord.

    Jostein Langslet
    Teamleader Fjord expeditions
  • Preben Want - Bodø Liftutleie

    With Sharefox we operate more efficiently and can focus on advising on complex assignments rather than answering emails and phone calls all day long.

    Preben Want
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Kasia Pacek

    When we were choosing a rental booking system we looked at 15 different systems in the market. We found Sharefox to be the most advanced and best suited for our purpose. We are very happy with Sharefox and their Service minded attitude!

    Kasia Pacek
    Chief Operating Officer

Our support team is the best in the business

  • Experts in the field who know what’s up

  • Customized demo

  • Integrations that are available on-demand

  • We work together to achieve common goals


An automated jet ski rental business can offer you a number of advantages and benefits

Not only are jet ski rental businesses profitable, but they can increase their earnings by automating their services. For example, it becomes easy to manage a fleet of jet skis and keep track of inventory with software designed for that purpose. This type of automation also allows you to accept bookings 24/7 and therefore boost your revenue. In addition, an automated business reduces the administrative workload and gets rid of any manual tasks that may be error-prone or tedious.

With smart technology, you can manage your customers more effectively

Customers consistently reaching out to you can take up a lot of your time, however excellent customer service is key to maintaining a good reputation. By using a rental management tool, you can easily stay on top of bookings and freeing up your time. Another way create blog content and FAQs related to their questions so they don’t have feel the need to contact you as often. You could also hold webinars or make help videos if that’s something you’re interested in pursuing. Excellent customer service will always be essential in keeping a positive image for your business!

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation

Digital transformation refers to the changes businesses undergo when they use digital technology to modify or create new processes. This type of change can be significant, from the way a company interacts with customers online and in person, to its internal systems and culture. When done correctly,digital transformation has the potentialto be disruptiveand revolutionize how companies leverage technology.

The advantages digital transformation offers the rental industry

Digital transformation is shaking up the rental industry, making it easier for businesses to provide services and satisfy customers. Some benefits of digital transformation include:

  • Improved customer service and rental experience
  • Improved inventory management process
  • Enhanced team efficiency and productivity
  • Improved equipment rental planning
  • Enhanced equipment tracking and monitoring

Comparing the Circular and Linear Economy Business Models

The traditional linear business model, where products are discarded after use, is not as economically efficient as it could be. The circular economy model seeks to eliminate waste and recycle materials whenever possible to prevent a shortage of raw material options. This new business plan fosters innovative and sustainable solutions that don’t sacrifice quality or quantity.


Here are all the answers to your questions about Sharefox’s jet ski rental and reservation system

Are you curious about how our jet ski rental software can better your company? If so, here are some questions that past customers have had, as well as our responses to them.

With our jet ski rental software, customers can rent your products at any time of day or night. You also have the option to manually insert and create orders in the system. Additionally, our software is compatible with external tools like payment systems, self-service options, and accounting software – giving you even more capabilities. Schedule a demo today to see how it works!
There are countless moving parts when you own a jet ski rental business, making it nearly impossible to keep track of everything without some form of organization. Jet ski rental software offers an easy way to take control over your business and achieve goals that were once out of reach. With features like cost reduction, order processing time improvemenst, and streamlined operation procedures, digitized rentals make goal achievement much simpler for businesses in this industry.
Our jet ski rental software is packed with features and functionalities that will help you build your online rental store exactly the way you want it. With customizable templates, a comprehensive booking system, real-time availability control, inventory tracking, calendar, and customer registers, and a flexible payment structure – our software has everything you need to get started.

Brought to you by Sharefox

Our rental software solutions are perfect for startups looking to get their business off the ground, as well as large businesses trying to scale. With Sharefox rental businesses get the opportunity to increase revenue by improving various business processes.

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