New Features – June

Online booking example outdoor

We recently launched new exclusive features that are now available to our customers.  Everything from automated emails, booking deadlines and new self-service modules. In addition to our Bar Code scanner feature , we will also offer the possibility of RFID scanning. 

Automated emails 

Automated mails

Our customers can now simply build on the digital customer journey by setting up automated emails. These can range from a return date reminder or tips to how the equipment will be used during the rental period.     

Booking deadlines

Calendar booking

Do you want to prevent bookings from coming in the morning after? With the Sharefox rental platform, you can now choose individual booking deadlines. If you would like to have your booking made at least two days before the rental period or by 18:00 the day before, you can simply customize this yourself. This gives you even more control over your rental operations.

Self-service is getting big

Illustration self-service solution

A number of new self-service models will come forward in the rental industry. We aim to be a leader in this field. With our self-service module, we recently made an integration with Sharebox. Sharebox provides digital key cabinets where you control in and retrieve with your phone.

Barcode and RFID scanning

RFID scanner

In addition to the barcode module an RFID scanning feature will be added  to the Sharefox admin system. This will make the daily word registration even more efficient. You will also have the ability to return orders faster, track the use of goods more accurately, and receive service alerts more easily.