Children grow fast. Very fast! And with today’s linear business models, this leads to a non-sustainable consumption of children’s clothing.

Did you know that a normal family of 4, has a typical clothing consumption per year that corresponds to the CO2 emissions from a car that drives 10,000km a year? Did also you know that the total emissions from the textile industry account for higher emissions than the air and sea transport combined!

Big numbers such as these are difficult to comprehend, and may make anyone feel discouraged and helpless. Our attitude is simple: No one can do everything, but everybody can do something. If we extend the life of a snowsuit by 9 months, we reduce the environmental footprint of one snowsuit by 20 to 30%.

As a parent, you may recognize yourself in buying clothes for your toddler that is barely used before the child has grown out of it. Or that you end up buying clothes in too large sizes, so your kids can grow into the clothes instead. Not very comfortable for the child, and when it comes to parka and snowsuits, the right size is important for developing motor skills, movement and the right temperature inside the parka/snowsuit.

Can children clothes be offered as a service? Can it help families to practise a more sustainable consumption? These were the questions the initiators behind asked themselves.

Now they have  launched a concept that might help solve some of the everyday challenges that families face. With the Sharefox platform´s rental and subscription functionality, they launched quickly into the market.

The parents of toddlers can now subscribe to rent parkas and snowsuits.

For a small amount per month you can rent a snowsuit, and pick it up in the kindergarten, and swap it as the child grows.

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