From camper vans, horse trailers and minivans, to trucks for heavy-duty equipment – mobility industry rents it all. Run your rental operation smoothly and exceed your customers’ expectations by streamlining your online bookings and offering self-service options.

Mobility revolution: access versus ownership

Mobility industry has been at the forefront of vehicle sharing services in the past few years, promoting “access versus ownership” mentality among consumers and business owners. Sharefox offers online rental solution for mobility companies that rent various trailers, vans, trucks, and other transportation means.

Our system helps you keep track of your orders and their statuses from start to finish, control inventory stock and availability, prevent overbookings, and market your services. And not to forget – self-service opportunities and flexible payment methods.

Booking and admin software for mobility rental

Fast and easy pick-up & return

Use the barcode scanner for fast lane pick-up and return, as well as send notifications.


Allow your customers to pick up and return rental products at any time by using self-service integrations.

Online visibility and analytics

Let you customers find you with Google tag manager integration, Google Analytics and SEO optimization.

Case Study


The service “Kingsrent”, provided by Kingsrød Trading, is a newly established rental company that offers horse trucks for hire. Operating in multiple locations, Kingsrent has had great success with their rental services.

This is a niche industry, and it’s been fantastic to get all this great feedback on our rental service.

Fredrik Østereng 


Online short and long term rentals

On Kingsrent’s website, customers can see an overview of which trucks are available for hire. This allows to rent a truck online whenever it suits you– both for short-term and long-term. After the booking, the truck will be available for pick-up at the location of your choice.

Less administration, more growth

Kingsrent reports that their efficiency has increased with the introduction of the new Sharefox rental service. The fully digitized order flow allows them to get a better overview of the truck fleet, displays availability, and offers payment methods and online contracts for customers. Increased automation through online customer bookings reduces the time spent on admin work for Kingsrent – time that is now used to further grow their business.

Industry-specific functionality

Learn more about how Sharefox can help your industry

Booking and admin software for mobility rental

A turnkey booking website

A customizable booking website with prepayment, product views and dedicated profile pages for your customers.

Marketing blogs and promotional articles

Publish marketing blogs and article, add photos and videos, and link directly to rental products to promote your business.

Sports and outdoor equipment rental software
Tools rental software

Complete admin system

A comprehensive administration system for placing orders, equipped with payment solutions, calendars, rental history, customer database and more.

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Expand your capabilities
through integrations

Do more with Sharefox by integrating with Bank ID, SMS and other plug-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what Sharefox can do for your business

Who is this service ideal for?

We work with entrepreneurs and startups, as well as established rental companies that want to digitize their services, as well as businesses that want to build new rental services.

I don’t need a website. Can I still use Sharefox?

Sharefox has both an online digital booking flow, as well as the option to insert and create your orders yourself in the admin system. This way you can use it as a purely rental management tool.

Can I use Sharefox as a homepage?

Yes you can. Several of our customers only use Sharefox as their homepage, as it saves costs for them. You can update your homepage directly from Sharefox.

Can I use Sharefox when working with B2B customers?

Yes you can. Several of our customers only use Sharefox as their homepage, as it saves costs for them. You can update your homepage directly from Sharefox.

I have a lot of employees. Can I control their access to the system?

Yes, the system has a role-based user access. For example, an employee may only see orders and customers, and not be able to edit prices or products. Ideal for a retail shop network with multiple locations. This way you can allow a particular shop employees to only access their own shop data.

How do I know that there is a new order coming?

Online bookings are automatically created in Sharefox. You get a digital copy of the receipts and get notified on all communications happening through the system.

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