• Management and bookings

    Complete branded website or booking feature with, calendar, inventory status, help pages and digital contracts.

  • Marketing & Sales

    Content marketing through our blog feature and Social Media helps you increase your revenue. Strong data collection and analytic tools for upselling and packaging (Google ecosystem).

  • Flexible Payments?

    Credit cards with deposit, prepayment, Invoice for B2B, subscriptions, coupons and promotions or manual payment for drop in, and extensive discount structures.

  • Flexible Distribution

    Single online store, central warehouse or multiple locations, self-service solutions, logistic partners, and home delivery services.

  • Inventory Management

    Dashboard, reports, order management, product packaging inventory control, calendar and scheduler with availability, draft orders, status and flow on each rental object.

  • Scale Your Business

    Advanced pricing and config module for optimizing your rental business. Strong analytic and data collection toolbox, product packaging with sizing and variants, self-service module, and extensive integrations.

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