On a mission to support circular economy

Our story
Sharefox rental software

Our story


We’ve been in the rental business since the very beginning. Our first business was a tool rental service where we experimented a lot to find the most optimal rental journey.

We wanted to make rental as easy as buying a product, and also to find out how to make rental an efficient business model. And – with more than 1,000 rentals under our belt – we’ve figured it out!

Now we help others to grow and streamline their rental business. We are proud to offer a complete web portal for digital orders, payments, calendar showing availability, marketing and blog modules, and a complete inventory management system.

Our goal is to enable the rental of anything.

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The awareness shift

Today, the younger generation is less concerned with owning products and rather prefers access over ownership. Nowadays, due to climate change impact, people in general are more environmentally aware. As a society, we’re facing a large shift in the way we consume things – we realize that we need to utilize and share our resources better.


The technology has come a long way in many areas. However, rental as a business model is still often associated with manual processes. Our role is to help entrepreneurs and businesses with the digital infrastructure to innovate, build and run their rental services.


Shared goals

Sustainability principle is at the core of both environment and economy. We can help you become more sustainable in the way you run your business, boost revenue, improve communication and increase efficiency.

  • Revenue

    Streamline your rental processes and boost your revenue flow by creating a fully branded rental website or add a rental booking feature with calendar, inventory status, help pages, and digital contracts to your existing website.

  • Communication

    Reach out to more customers, improve your marketing communication and promote your business via an integrated blog feature and social media channels.

  • Efficiency

    Optimize your rental operations, increase efficiency and digitize all manual processes by taking advantage of the all-in-one admin system that keeps track of all your orders, inventory and finances.

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It’s more than just technology. It’s partnership. It’s Sharefox.

The team

A team that creates the future of rental business

Sharefox is a place where talented people, with a passion for promoting circular economy, create the future of rental businesses.

We are an international team and we love to have fun. That is why we often are out in the field talking to our customers or simply testing out the rental offerings ourselves, such as biking, skiing, kayaking, car sharing and more. This way we are always learning.

We like to share, so just reach out to us if you want to learn more about our technology, how to start a rental business, recent job openings, becoming a partner, or just fancy a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.

  • Åsgeir Helland

    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Cristian Leordeanu

    CTO and Co-Founder
  • Fred Kihle

    CGO and Co-Founder
  • Ambra Borsalino

    Customer Success
  • Nima Ranjbari

    Customer Success
  • Iselin Bostrøm

  • Christian Wilkens

  • Michal Glinka

  • Simi Adeyeye

  • Sonya Nobel

  • Maria Erichsen

  • Marius Giske

    Head of Product
  • Alisa Kashytska

  • Ylli Gashi

  • Kevin Duqi

  • Mike Eling

  • Laura Perry

  • Cécile Palant