Whether you work with B2C or B2B customers, run a physical or an online store – integrating with the external systems and tools is vital in managing your business effectively and expanding your capabilities.

Integrations rental businesses

integration - Rental booking software

Connect your favorite tools to Sharefox

You can offer an even wider scope of rental services by integrating with the technological solutions that expand your operational capabilities – payment systems, accounting software, self-service options, or marketing tools. With our different integrations you can automate your rental operation and create a better customer journey.




Integrate your IT system for service, maintenance and repairs – MAB. An ERP system with integrated point of sales and maintenance software.

Swish logo


Integrate with Swish and allow your customers to make a payment with their phone in just a second.

Klarna logo


Process direct payments, post-purchase, and installmental payments from your website using Klarna Checkout integration.

stripe logo


Integrate Sharefox with Stripe and support your customers’ online journey with a speedy and secure payments processing solution.

vipps logo


Take advantage of Vipps integration to allow customers make payments with a mobile application on their smartphone.

MobilePay logo


Use MobilePay to send invoices to your customers, and to provide them with online, point of sale payments, and in-app payments.

Mastercard logo


Integrate with Mastercard to accept both global and local online payments through a highly secured payment gateway.

Visa logo


Integrate with Visa to allow your customers make card or token-based transactions on your website easily.


Integrate with NETS secure payment solution to make quick online payments. Provide clients with options to save multiple cards and make recurring payments in one click.



Interact with visitors on your Sharefox website instantly using the Facebook Messenger/Chat live widget. Assist them in selecting your products and facilitate their customer journey.

Google Tag Manager

Track your website visitors’ buying behaviour and measure results with Google Tag Manager, combined with Google Analytics and Facebook tracking for even deeper insights.


Automatically add new customers to your email marketing lists in Mailchimp. Send email marketing campaigns and newsletters to your customers.

Facebook Logo

Facebook Pixel

Install the Facebook pixel to start running social media campaigns. See how visitors who have been exposed to your Facebook ads behave on your site.

Google Analytics

Link Google Analytics to your website to start tracking visitors and learn how they behave on your site.

Integration partners



With Zapier, you can effortlessly link Sharefox with a plethora of applications, enabling you to automate your tasks without the need for coding.



Boitano gathers solid professional resources and entrepreneurial spirit in one place.

NOVA Consulting Group

NOVA Consulting Group

NOVA Consulting Group advise, implement and manage digital solutions for some of the Nordic region’s largest brands.

iCORE logo

Icore Solutions

iCore is specialized in integrations. They create the conditions for sustainable IT and business strategy, and open up opportunities for digitalization, innovation and process automation.


e-conomic logo


Integrating with e-conomic allows for streamlined accounting and financial management tasks such as invoicing, bookkeeping, and reporting.

Fortnox logo


Integrate with Fortnox, which is an enterprise platform with products for accounting, invoicing, financing, payroll and more.

Tripletex - logo


With this integration, you get both synchronization at customer level and an efficient routine for invoicing with an invoice basis from Sharefox.

Experian logo


Integrate with Experian to run credit checks on your customers, as well as see their credit score and automatically rate them.

Report Feeds

Report Feeds

Report relevant data on orders, transactions and other audit and accounting information, as well as business intelligence insights.

Visma eAccounting logo

Visma eAccounting

Integrate with Visma eAccounting to transfer your bookings from Sharefox to Visma. This allows you to send and follow up invoices directly from your accounting system.

24SevenOffice logo


Integrate with 24SevenOffice to transfer your bookings from Sharefox. This allows you to send and follow up invoices directly from your accounting system.

Poweroffice Go logo

Poweroffice Go

Integrate with Poweroffice Go to transfer your bookings from Sharefox. This allows you to send and follow up invoices directly from your accounting system.

Digital agencies

Live chat support - kayak rental software

We collaborate with a number of different digital agencies and web agencies. These build and assist their customers with rental systems and marketing based on Sharefox’s platform.


Inlet logo


We collaborate with Inlet to ensure your customers have a a fully automated rental experience with self-service and digital access.

Flinkey logo


Integrate with Flinkey app to allow your customers to open and lock rented cars with their mobile phones.

Sharebox logo


Integrate with Sharebox to send SMS with access codes to self-service lockers used by your customers to pick up and return your rented items.

User identifications

Single sign on

Single sign on

Use single sign-on functionality to synchronize logins with other systems.

BankID logo


Ensure a secure verification of your customers with Bank ID, suitable for high value assets and self-service.

Google login

Use your Google login as a Sharefox customer login to make it easy for your customers to create an account.