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Whether you work with B2C or B2B customers – we can help you exceed their expectations. Let us help you streamline and grow your rental business with our product. From intuitive online booking, easy payment and deposit handling, and a calendar showing availability, to a comprehensive inventory management system and marketing & blog modules – you’ll find it all in the Sharefox solution.  


Sports & outdoors

From hiking and kayaking, to skis and bike rentals


Tools & machinery

From construction equipment and cars and trailers, to tools, lifts and scaffolding



For individual stores and retail chains


New services

Solutions for new rental and subscription services

Inventory management system

We have not found any other technology platform that can meet the requirements of a modern rental service such as Sharefox.

Henrik Soerhaug

e-Com manager, Jernia – Retail Chain

About Sharefox

We’re changing the future of rental services.

Sharefox was founded in 2016 by a team of professionals with sustainable business development and service design backgrounds. We started as a purpose-driven startup working within the circular economy, aiming to enable rental and subscription companies with smart technology. Now we’ve grown and are ridiculously proud of our clients – both well-established clients and brand new companies. And we are happy to help them succeed and grow.

All-In-One rental system

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product rental software

Online customer experience designed for rental operations

Let your customers find and book the right products, accept terms and conditions and handle payments and invoices – whenever it suits them. Reach your potential customers through smart marketing tools for rental companies and offer your existing customers the best online rental experience possible.

Efficient rental management to reduce manual handling

By digitizing your rental process you can spend less time on administration, reduce costs, minimize manual work, and have more time for your customers. Track and follow every order and get a complete overview of your business.

Rental business software
Rental business software

Digital solution for retail and new rental services

Build your own rental service, from short-term rentals to subscription services. No matter whether you intend to launch a rental service for your retail chain or brand, or want to offer a totally new rental service in the circular economy environment – we have solutions for you.  

Build you rental business with us

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Expand your capabilities
through integrations

Do more with Sharefox by integrating with various types accounting systems, affiliate networks, Bank ID, and other plug-ins.

Key industries we work with

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outdoor rental software


Our customers, who work in sports and outdoor industries, rent out everything: from water sports equipment, boats and kayaks, to hiking equipment, skis and ski-touring equipment. Sharefox offers a comprehensive booking system that helps you keep track of orders, shows availability, prevents overbooking, has inventory tracking, and includes order, calendar and customer registers.

construction rental software


Our customers, who work in tools, machinery and construction industries, rent out everything: from scaffolding systems, excavators and lifts, to construction tools, vehicles and other equipment. Sharefox can help you manage your construction rental business more efficiently by keeping track of you inventory and the status of all rentals, as well as following every task from start to finish.

Rental of bicycles


Our customers, working in the mobility industry, rent out everything: from campervans and horse trailers, to minivans and heavy-duty trucks. Sharefox can help you launch a new rental service, by offering a combination of online and mobile bookings, a system that caters for a variety of distribution and payment methods, as well as opportunities to grow your new mobility business.   

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Build your complete rental business now.

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