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Offer your expertise to Sharefox merchants all over the world, or introduce entrepreneurs to Sharefox.

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Sharefox as a partner

Sharefox is a global saas company that provides an all-in-one rental software for rental and subscription businesses. We make renting products and services as easy as online shopping.

In the circular economy where we go from buying stuff, to rent or subscribe for a lot of products, It has to be smooth and easy. Both for the end customers and for your rental business.

That is the way to make profitable rental and activity based businesses.

Help merchants succeed as a Sharefox Partner

Play an important role in introducing new merchants to Sharefox, and providing solutions that help and guide them start, sell, market, and manage their rental businesses.

A partnership to help you scale

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, Sharefox gives you the tools and resources you need.

Partner up to increase growth and expertise

Our Agency Partner Program helps you find new ways to generate more leads, expand your offerings, provide value to clients and drive business growth.

Our software integrates easily with the tools you’re already using

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  • Real-time availability

    Use advanced calendars and schedulers to present products in real-time and avoid double bookings.

  • Product packages

    Combine different products into packages to direct clients toward choices that meet their needs.

  • Sell accessories

    Add related products and accessories to your booking store to make extra sales and increase revenue.

  • Digital documents

    Offer digital quotes, contracts, waivers and terms and conditions and let clients sign electronically.

  • Branded website

    Create your own branded website.

  • Adjustable opening hours

    Offer rentals by hour, day, month, or subscription.

  • Mobile-optimized

    Get a responsive and mobile-optimized online rental store.

  • Order and status tracking

    Get order and status tracking for each item. Manage orders by tracking their statuses and activity logs.

  • Barcode scanner

    Integrate a barcode scanner to start track your inventory.

  • APIs and micro services

    APIs and micro services is available.

  • Offer self-service possibility

    Select your own distribution model. Offer self-service or home delivery (partnerships).

  • Multiple locations

    Expand business by adding multiple locations.

  • Customer database

    Get a full overview of which customers have booked what, get history and search easily in customer register.

  • Inventory tracking and availability

    Track your inventory and get a simple overview of which inventory that are available by location. See utilization rate and get an overview of the number of items in stock.

  • Reporting and marketing dashboard

    Review key business metrics in the dashboard. Get an easy overview of earnings, your rental development or through customized reports.

  • B2B module

    Handle invoice and B2B workflow. Features on company agreements, pricing and project assignments.

Talk to us about partnership

Whether Rental and subscription business is your sole focus or just one of your service offerings, your objectives remain the same: provide value to clients, minimize time and resource spend and increase revenue. Talk to someone on our agency team today to learn more.

Schedule a call or web meeting to:

  1. Discover how the Sharefox Agency Partner Program supports your agency through community, agency education, thought leadership and growth.
  2. Get a tour of our software and partner ideas to see what resources you can start leveraging today.