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Inventory rental management system

Stay in control of your inventory at all times with Sharefox’s rental management system. We help you manage and track your customer orders from A to Z.

Inventory management system
What we do
integration - Rental booking software

Inventory management made easy

Get a complete overview of your rental operations by using Sharefox scheduler, inventory tracking and pricing functionality. Never miss sight of a customer order or a service request. Extract useful data and insights to monitor your progress and expand your rental business.

A rental business requires an efficient and easy-to-use system to stay in control of it’s product inventory.

Sharefox inventory management system is integrated with your booking service, helping you to handle both your online bookings and admin reservations.

Sharefox efficient management system

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    By using our rental administration system, you can digitalize the order flow, get a better overview of inventory, customers, payments and calendars.

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    Let the customers order themselves, see availability and pay in advance. We also have a solution for invoices as a payment alternative for handling corporate customers.

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    Increased online customer order automation frees up time from coordination – time that can be used to further develop the business.

Our product

Product feature 

All the best features in one rental inventory tracker

  • Real-time availability

    Use advanced calendars and schedulers to present products in real-time and avoid double bookings.

  • Product packages

    Combine different products into packages to direct clients toward choices that meet their needs.

  • Offer variants

    Offer clients multiple variants of the same product with options such as sizing, colours and models.

  • Sell accessories

    Add related products and accessories to your booking store to make extra sales and increase revenue.

  • Digital documents

    Offer digital quotes, contracts, waivers and terms and conditions and let clients sign electronically.

  • Adjustable opening hours

    Offer rentals by the hour, day, month or with a subscription model.

  • Order and status tracking

    Get order and status tracking for each item. Manage orders by tracking their statuses and activity logs.

  • Barcode scanner

    Integrate a barcode scanner to start track your inventory.

  • Notifications

    Create notifications for maintenance, access codes etc.

  • APIs and micro services

    APIs and micro services are available.

  • Self-service option available

    Select your own distribution model with either self-collection or home delivery with one of our partners.

  • Multiple locations

    Expand business by adding multiple locations.

  • Customer database

    Get a full overview of which customers have booked what, get history and search easily in customer register.

  • Inventory tracking and availability

    Keep track of your inventory with a simple and comprehensive overview.

  • Reporting and marketing dashboard

    Review key business metrics in the dashboard. Get an easy overview of earnings and your rental development through customized reports.

  • B2B module

    Handle invoice and B2B workflow. Features on company agreements, pricing and project assignments.


Save time and improve customer experience by digitalizing your rental business with Sharefox inventory rental management system. Add add-ons and plugins to suit your needs with external tools and systems that make your accounting, ERP, and marketing processes easy.

Check availability Rental Booking Software

User-friendly rental inventory tracker

A smart inventory rental management system that will make it much easier to see available capacity, take payments online, and give your customers digital contracts and invoices.

Schedule - Rental Booking Software

No more double bookings

Stop worrying about overbookings and get full control over your bookings in the all-in-one rental system Sharefox.

Pricing - Rental booking software

Pricing has never been easier

Adjust your prices whenever you want. Add coupons for gift cards and promotions. Set up hourly, daily, weekend, or seasonal pricing.

Save time on your rental operations

Get a complete overview of your rental operations by using Sharefox scheduler, inventory tracking and pricing functionality. Never miss sight of a customers order or a service request.

All the features you need

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What are our customers saying about the Sharefox rental inventory tracker?

  • Kasia Pacek

    When we were choosing a rental booking system we looked at 15 different systems in the market. We found Sharefox to be the most advanced and best suited for our purpose. We are very happy with Sharefox and their Service minded attitude!

    Kasia Pacek
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Martin Toft NTS

    This has opened up a whole new world for NTS. With Sharefox and their self service it has really simplified everything both for our customers and internally as a rental company. Now we can rent out more than 30 units on a weekend without staffing.

    Martin Toft
  • Frode Dahl, Felleskjøpet

    This is the new sharing economy, where we provide opportunities to reduce both individual and environmental costs. Do good for your society and make money on a smooth rental operation, that is our approach to this.

    Frode Dahl
    Director of machines

Get answers to all your questions about Sharefox

Wondering how Sharefox can improve your business? Here are some answers to common questions from our clients.

Yes. You can create orders received offline into the Sharefox equipment rental software. You can select the customer, the product ordered, and the payment method with a few clicks.
Yes. Our rental software works perfectly for a network of stores. With our role-based user feature, you can grant each shop employee access to only their store data.
You can use Sharefox rental software directly on your website as a booking and reservation tool and immediately accept orders. You can also use it as a rental management tool only by creating orders manually in the system. Book a live demo to see how our rental software works.
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Integrations for rental businesses
Integrations for rental businesses

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