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Industry: Tools and machinery rental

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  • Chris Gjersvik - RentMeNow
    COO, RentMeNow
    RentMeNow offers a wide range of equipment to rent, such as scaffolds, excavators, trailers and boom lifts.
  • Frank Øgrey Eikhom - trailer rental business
    CEO, TrailerCenter S.
    TrailerCenter S. delivers trailers for all purposes, and also offers a trailer rental service as a side business to selling and maintenance.
  • Frode Dahl, Felleskjøpet
    Director of machines, Felleskjøpet
    Felleskjøpet is an important institution in Norwegian agriculture and the cooperative is owned by farmers and offers farming supplies, and launched their rental service in 2019.
  • Preben Want - Bodø Liftutleie
    CEO, Bodøliftutleie
    Bodø Liftutleie, a tools and machinery rental company, rents out lifts, excavators, and other tools and helps clients with complex projects to pick the right equipment.

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