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Snowboard Rental Software For Hassle-Free Rentals

Manage bookings, track inventory, and create great rental experiences with our snowboard rental system.

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snowboard rental software
What we do
Snowboard rental software

All-in-one snowboard rental system

Simplify snowboard rentals with an all-in-one system. Easily manage online and in-store bookings, streamline payments and invoicing, and gather insights to grow your business

Snowboard rental software

Increase productivity with a digital system

Cut down your business operating costs and reduce order processing times with our cloud-based rental system that eases payments and monitors resources.


All the benefits you need to make your snowboard rental business scale

  • Scalable integrations

    Scale your operations with a barcode scanner, payment, accounting, and ERP systems.

  • Precise inventory control

    Check the status of resources with real-time inventory management features.

  • Panoramic view

    Get an overview of your operations with scheduling, tracking, and pricing functionalities.

  • Review key metrics

    Extract critical business data from the dashboard to monitor your business progress.

  • Flexible payment structure

    Card and manual payments, invoices, subscriptions, and a discount and promotion system to create coupons.

  • Manage single or multiple locations

    Get a complete view of single-store or multi location rental operations with consolidated reporting.

  • Notifications

    Get instant notifications on bookings and all activities happening in the system.

  • Digital communication

    Eliminate routine tasks by sending clients digital contracts and automated email notifications.

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Hear from our clients

Check how you can grow faster with Sharefox

  • Kasia Pacek

    When we were choosing a rental booking system we looked at 15 different systems in the market. We found Sharefox to be the most advanced and best suited for our purpose. We are very happy with Sharefox and their Service minded attitude!

    Kasia Pacek
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Oscar Almgren

    We have scaled from a tiny guiding business to a big outdoor company with three locations. The equipment rental software from Sharefox has been a cornerstone on our upscale journey.

    Oscar Almgren
  • Steffen Gulbrandsen, MOH+

    “With Sharefox we could ramp up our rental service! Going from a small assortment to an all seasons service with Ski packages, bikes and outdoor equipment!”

    Steffen Gulbrandsen
    CEO, MOH +

Industry-leading support

  • Dedicated team with market knowledge

  • Personalized demo

  • On-demand integrations

  • A partnership of shared goals


What is a snowboard rental software and what does it do?

A snowboard rental software is a tool that eliminates manual processes and enables digital rental using smart technology. It is an all-in-one platform that helps you secure bookings, track inventory, manage payment and invoicing, and provides a complete overview of your rental business.

How digitalisation is creating more sustainable rental businesses

Digitalisation is key to improving efficiency and staying ahead in a competitive rental market. Many rental businesses are recognising the need to embrace innovative digital solutions that will help them reduce cost, increase profit, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Digitalisation brings together all rental processes into an integrated system that automates your entire operations. With an all-in-one rental management solution, you can eliminate paper work, improve internal communication, and achieve your rental goals.

Transitioning to a circular economy through rental as a business model

The circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development that favours sustainable consumption including sharing, reusing, leasing, and recycling existing materials for as long as possible.

Rental is quickly emerging as one of the best ways to transition to a circular economy. Responsible sharing of resources and reusing of materials is at the core of rental businesses. It enables more efficient use of materials and reduces the demand for non-renewable resources, which is in line with the goals of the circular economy.

Digital technologies for the circular rental economy

Rental is one of the circular economy business models that has proven to be capable of incorporating technological innovations to improve its processes. Digital rental solutions facilitate the use of sharable items, making it easier for users to find and rent the right products. Through technology also, rental businesses are able to reach potential customers through smart marketing tools and leverage data from customer interactions to provide personalized recommendations and enhance customer experience.

The economic benefits that rental businesses provide

The rental business model keeps materials in use while ownership lies with the retailer which prevents individual consumer waste. In other words, users get to enjoy the thrill of new purchases, businesses become profitable from maintaining products and continually renting them out, and wastage is eliminated. Rental is self-regenerating and an excellent alternative to the current traditional linear economic model of “take-make-dispose” that has proven to be insufficient.


Sharefox snowboard rental software FAQ

Wondering how our snowboard rental software can improve your business? Here are some of the most common questions that clients ask and our answers to them.

Sharefox snowboard rental software is suitable whether you’re working with B2B and B2C customers or running a physical or online store. You can use the system directly on your website to allow customers to rent your products anytime and from anywhere. Otherwise, insert and create your orders yourself in the admin rental system. Expand your capabilities by integrating your rental software with external tools like payment systems, self-service options, and accounting software. Book a demo to see how our snowboard rental software works.
Our snowboard rental software has powerful features and functionalities including customizable templates that allow you to design your online rental store to suit your brand. It also comprises a comprehensive booking system with real-time availability control, inventory tracking, calendar and customer registers, and a flexible payment structure.
From securing orders to processing payment and all the other tasks in between, there’s usually not enough time to efficiently manage a snowboard rental business manually. A snowboard rental software makes it easy to stay in control of your operations at all times. You can cut down cost, reduce order processing times, streamline operations, and achieve business goals with a digitized rental solution.

Delivered by Sharefox

We are digitizing the rental business and helping our clients provide a smooth experience for both B2C and B2B customers. Our software is being used by various brands including Tooler, Parkdressen, and Jernia to achieve success in their businesses.

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