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Agencies are tasked with ensuring they stay ahead of the curve, leading industry changes and meeting ever-changing consumer needs.

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Web Agency Program

It’s not enough to simply be aware of the latest trends and industry changes. Agencies must also have a deep understanding of consumers’ rental needs so they can create content that is relevant for them. 

Program Benefits

Partnering with Sharefox, a powerful rental software company that offers support and expertise in the field of rental ecommerce. You can now combine all these resources to win more business while providing outsized value for your clients!

  • Partner for growth

    Engage your dedicated growth partner to craft agency design templates, make beautiful and stand out websites for clients, strategize on your offering and leverage Sharefox features to grow your business.

  • Enter a new untapped market of e-commerce

    Create new revenue streams by entering the rental and subscription market with Sharefox. This market is trending and demand from end users is booming. Partner with Sharefox to engage fully with a new audience. 

  • Thought leadership

    Collaborate with Sharefox to promote your agency’s thought leadership content or be featured in Sharefox marketing programs such as co- writing blogs and social media strategy. 

  • Become an rental e-commerce expert

    With the Sharefox team at your side, you will become an expert in the field of rental software industry. Understand the importance of why rental e-commerce is better tailored than traditional web site providers like wordpress. 

  • Revenue sharing

    Refer business and earn revenue share to offset agency costs, or reinvest to level up your service offering. A big part of our clients need a lot of help with digital marketing. Sharefox will refer clients to an agency based on profile match and more.

  • Be part of the Sharefox joint marketing program

    Become part of our marketing strategy. Together we can reach further into our common customer base than we would alone. Testimonials, backlinks, guest blogs and more.

  • Onboarding & training

    Level up your team’s skills through Sharefox’s dedicated agency onboarding resources.

Frequently asked questions

We offer marketing, sales and services support for our web agency partners. This includes partner-exclusive resources, content and training aimed at helping you grow your agency business and rental business expertise.
We all want you to succeed! That’s why the benefits from this program are free for partners
Any web agency who is, or is willing to become, an active Sharefox customer with a minimum required investment can be part of our Agency Partner Program. We partner with agencies of all sizes who target the SMB segment.
Yes! For agencies that refer Sharefox Social to their clients, peers, or network, the agency will earn partner revenue share after the referral has been subscribed to Sharefox for a set amount of time. The partner revenue share amount is determined by your tier level and the subscription amount of the referred account.
We are looking for web agencies who want to grow their business. If you are committed to growing with Sharefox, we are excited to help you do just that!
Yes, Sharefox does have plan and pricing options that are available exclusively to agencies. We have options that take into account the needs of your business, the services you provide (or want to be providing), and how you work with your clients.

Talk to us about partnership

Whether Rental and subscription business is your sole focus or just one of your service offerings, your objectives remain the same: provide value to clients, minimize time and resource spend and increase revenue. Talk to someone on our agency team today to learn more.

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  1. Discover how the Sharefox Agency Partner Program supports your agency through community, agency education, thought leadership and growth.
  2. Get a tour of our software and partner ideas to see what resources you can start leveraging today.