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Location Norway
Founded 2014
Bodø Liftutleie, a tools and machinery rental company, rents out lifts, excavators, and other tools and helps clients with complex projects to pick the right equipment.
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Allow customers to book equipment whenever they want and provide Bodø Liftutleies complete control over its rental operations.

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Sharefox rental management system helped Bodø Liftutleie provide customers with an easy rental experience and extra time to focus on more complicated assignments.

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  • Online Bookings
  • Online Payments
  • Order Tracking
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Bodø Liftutleie is a rental company in the tools and machinery industry, specializing in renting out small and large lifts, trailers, excavators, wheel loaders, tracked dumpers, mini diggers, scaffolding, and other small tools needed by construction firms.

A key rental business in the Nordland area, Bodø Liftutleie, was operating its equipment bookings manually. However, since launching its digital booking service based on the Sharefox platform, Bodø Liftutleie has saved time on order processing, provided an effortless experience for customers, and improved its operations.

Bodø Liftutleie

Bodø Liftutleie was founded in 2014 and offers B2B and B2C rental of machines and equipment for the tools, machinery, building and construction industries. It provides a vast range of heavy machinery, including excavators, mini diggers, wheel loaders, tracked dumpers, lifts of varying sizes, and other tools like Vibro plates, trolleys, and trailers.

Bodø Liftutleie delivers machinery and tools all over Nordland and has equipment in Bodø, Fauske and Mo i Rana. Customers can rent selected individual tools or choose total solutions, depending on the services they require. Bodø Liftutleie is committed to offering the best equipment and machinery rental solution that the market can offer.



Bodø Liftutleie had been handling their equipment rental manually, and as the company began to grow, managing the rental operations became more complicated and time-consuming. With a manual system of operations, it is usually challenging to keep up with bookings, inventory updates, and managing pick-ups and returns of equipment.

In addition to handling day-to-day basic rental operations, Bodø Liftutleie also had to manage B2B clients, especially those requiring custom services for their complex projects. The company needed to distinguish between “bread and butter” tools that customers could book by themselves and machinery bookings that required the attention of their technical team.


Machinery rental software implementation

Bodø Liftutleie decided it was time to transition to a more digitized system and take complete control of its operations. In 2019, they started using Sharefox rental management system. It launched an online tool and machinery booking service based on the Sharefox platform, allowing clients to book standard equipment by themselves and at any time. Other features include accounting and 24-hour self-service and B2B features.


Tool Rental Software

Tool Rental Software

Tool Rental Software


With the Sharefox online booking system, Bodø Liftutleie has streamlined its booking process and saved time on orders and customer flow. Clients can now place orders on equipment that are available in stock in real-time and receive or pick up the right rental items without any issues.

Like many other rental businesses, Bodø Liftutleie advises and guides their customers on choosing the right equipment, especially for more demanding tasks. With the time saved on standard equipment bookings, the company now has more time to support advanced projects and assignments.


With Sharefox we operate more efficiently and can focus on advising on complex assignments rather than answering emails and phone calls all day long.

Preben Want - Bodø Liftutleie Preben Want Decoration line Chief Executive Officer

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