Are you tired of manual processes and outdated systems?

Learn how to digitalize your rental business.

Digital transformation is considered one of the most effective ways to drive growth for rental businesses.

In this webinar, we will share our experiences and discuss the top reasons to digititalize your rental business.

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The cost of not having a booking system

This is what you will learn in the webinar

  • The biggest pain points of not having a digital booking system and rental software
  • What is a good booking system
  • The biggest reasons for using a rental software for your business

About the webinar host and speaker

Sonya Nobel

Sonya Nobel brings years of experience working with rental merchants and possesses extensive knowledge of the day-to-day operations of rental businesses. With a deep understanding of the industry, Sonya is passionate about optimizing existing and new rental ventures, as well as driving revenue growth for Sharefox’s valued customers.

Rental software self-service


Sharefox is a company that offers rental software solutions designed specifically for rental businesses. Our mission is to simplify and streamline the day-to-day operations of equipment rental and subscription businesses. With Sharefox, rental businesses can embrace digital transformation and automate their processes in a hassle-free manner.

Sharefox’s rental software simplifies inventory management, equipment tracking, and customer bookings with a user-friendly interface. Digitizing these tasks saves time, reduces errors, and boosts efficiency for rental businesses. Our intuitive software addresses the challenges faced by rental businesses, integrating smoothly into existing workflows. We prioritize customer support, assisting clients during implementation and fostering long-term success.