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Administration system rental businesses
Learn how to best use your Sharefox administration page. Your main tool. In this article you will find an overview of the various tools and where to find them.



On the dashboard, you get an automatic marketing report over a given period of time, which shows, among other things:

  • Company revenue
  • Number of bookings
  • Number of leased products over a given period of time
  • Most rented products
  • Which products you have the highest earnings on
  • Which payment method your customers use the most
  • Order statuses


Provides an overview of existing orders in a calendar view (choose between daily, weekly or monthly view). This is useful in the day-to-day running of the rental business.


The order module gives you a list of existing orders, with search and sorting options. Here you can handle individual orders and get a full overview of each one.


Get a full overview of all registered customers. See all the activity of each customer, see their previous orders and total order amounts through their customer relationship. Update the customer’s contact information or enter a discount on the individual customer.


Here you can add new products or edit existing products.

  • Enter a unique ID number on your products.
  • Update product photos, videos and prices.
  • Enter a reminder to yourself for the next time the product is to be serviced, and you will be notified in Inventory with a red notification symbol.

In the submenu, you can go to Product Categories to add new or change existing product categories. This is used to collect the rental products into common categories, so that it is presented in a clear way to your customers. In the submenu you will also find coupons to take advantage of discounts and gift cards.


  • Track your products.
  • Add new inventory to your various locations or see how large the inventory of each individual product is, see buffer and utilization rate.
  • In the calendar overview, you get a full overview of which products have been rented out in which periods, and which are in stock and available for rent.
  • Get alerts when it’s time to service your products.


Once you have started your rental business, marketing is important to become visible and gain more customers. At Activities, you can publish a new blog post or activity, and link to your existing products to encourage them to rent them. This is how you can work strategically with content marketing.


Answer all your customers’ questions digitally under the FAQ section. That way, you avoid spending time answering each customer the same questions they have about renting with you and your products. This allows you to create a more efficient customer journey.


  • Download reports with an overview of the month’s transactions in CSV or XLS.
  • Generate an accounting file, select the dates for which period you want and download a general report or one to Tripletex.




  • Enter all company information, such as company name, address, organization number, your telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Here you can also add your company’s Social Media profiles.
Email Communication:
  • Configure all of the order confirmation emails and contact forms.


  • Publish and edit texts on the company’s website itself.
  • Enter terms and conditions, privacy statement.


  • Upload images to customize the visuals of your website.
  • Upload your company logo.

Static text:

  • Enter headings, edit link names in the menu, change text on buttons.


  • Edit colors, logo size and buttons on the page.


  • See and edit which integrations you use.
  • Add automatic reminders that are emailed to your customer.

Go To Shop

After making changes to your website, you can view it live by tapping Go To Shop.

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