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Baisikeli, which means bicycle in Swahili, was founded in 2003 because they already saw the massive waste of resources around used bicycles.
Key features used Key features used
  • Online Bookings
  • Online Payments
  • Automated Emails
  • Automation
  • Online booking system
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In Denmark, hundreds of thousands of bicycles are scrapped every year. In large parts of Africa, there is a great need for cheap means of transport. The idea was simple: Baisikeli was to collect some of the roughly 400,000 bicycles that are thrown away here in Denmark every year and send them to Africa, where they were to be repaired by a local bicycle workshop and sold at market price. As the operation grew, the need for ongoing income increased, which resulted in the cousins Niels Bonefeld and Henrik Mortensen opening the now well-known bicycle workshop in Vesterbro in 2007. Since then, they have opened branches in Slangerup and Valby, and started renting out cargo bikes for tourists in particular, who want to experience the Danish capital the way Copenhageners do, via bicycle.

With greater demand for their coveted cargo bikes, came the need to streamline the process from booking to delivery of bikes.

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With Sharefox, Baisikeli gets a system that allows the customer himself:

  • Search and find the store online.
  • Search and find all necessary information about conditions, insurances and equipment on their website etc.
  • Order exactly the equipment they need.
  • Pay in advance.
  • Receive order confirmation and invoice by e-mail.
  • Pick up and return the bike yourself, without the need for staff.

Baisikeli has a tailor-made system where the customer takes care of most things, in online shopping style. This means that they have a simpler and more efficient everyday life for their operations.

Sharefox rental software has a smart booking system where the customer does all the work themselves, and the opportunity for additional sales by choosing equipment is an important game changer for future revenue.

mikki dall Mikki Dall Decoration line Marketing Manager, Baisikeli.