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Location Norway
Founded 1896
Felleskjøpet is an important institution in Norwegian agriculture and the cooperative is owned by farmers and offers farming supplies, and launched their rental service in 2019.
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Agricultural machines are expensive and often just used parts of the season. With this backdrop the board at Felleskjøpet decided to launch a B2B rental service for the agricultural industry in Norway.

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Felleskjøpet's rental service has escalated and been a huge success, and the B2B module in Sharefox has been especially important to their rental service.

Key features used Key features used
  • Online Bookings
  • Online Payments
  • Inventory tracking and management on multi location setup
  • Dynamic price module
  • Easy insurance and service handling
  • Automatic credit check
  • B2B module with invoice handling and enterprise agreements
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Felleskjøpet is a cooperative and has a yearly turnover of 18.7 billion NOK, 4,107 employees and 104 physical stores. Felleskjøpet is the most important supplier of operating assets and technology to Norwegian agriculture. They give the farmer the necessary security and ensure good deliveries of both raw materials, products and services. 

Felleskjøpet has launched their new rental business, where they offer rentals of tractors or machines short-term for a day or long-term up to 2 years at a time. The service is an offer especially to those who have short-term needs, such as farmers, contractors and municipalities. The service is primarily for agricultural companies, but they also offer rental products to private individuals.



Several machines are only used for short periods of time each year, but you as the owner have to pay for them every month, either in the form of loans, depreciation or leasing fees. Renting from Felleskjøpet is a good alternative for both the farmer, the contractor and other organizations, but they also offer rental for private use.



With help from the Sharefox rental software they have put together a rental service tailored to their needs. Felleskjøpet offers short- and long-term rental of John Deere tractors, Avant miniloader and Cat minigravers, among others. The goal is to expand with even more machines over time. The rental software allows them to simply add different product packages of tractors and machines. 


Felleskjopet machine rental



Felleskjøpet launched their rental service in 2019 and the business has escalated and been a huge success. Now they rent out everything from tractors and heavy machinery, to practical tools and gardening equipment. The B2B module in Sharefox has been especially important to Felleskjøpet and their rental service. 

Using the Sharefox machine rental system, they can offer the service to their customers, and the dynamic price module has been a key feature of the project. At Felleskjøpet, each additional rental day offers a discount and customers can request an offer if they are to rent over a longer period of, for example, two months.

The service includes everything from automatic credit checks on registration to the customer being able to choose whether they want the machine to be delivered at their farm or pick it up themselves. Insurance and service fees are also included as in the rent. Felleskjøpet has tailored all this to a service using the Sharefox rental system.

This is the new sharing economy, where we provide opportunities to reduce both individual and environmental costs. Do good for your society and make money on a smooth rental operation, that is our approach to this.

Frode Dahl, Felleskjøpet Frode Dahl Decoration line Director of machines

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