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Location Sweden
Flexbil is a car rental business that provides its customers with automated car hire in Sweden.
Checkmark Objective

Automate the rental process for your car rental business with limited human resources.

Star Result

They have automated their car rental business, created a nice website where customers can book themselves and gained good control over their rental service.

Key features used Key features used
  • Online Payments
  • Scheduler with calendar
  • Online rental store
  • Online booking system
  • Fleet management
  • Administration tools
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About Flexbil – car rental business

Flexbil rents out cars in Sweden, both passenger cars and light and heavy trucks. They carry cars from Volvo and Mercedes.



Upon collaboration with Sharefox, Flexbil aimed to streamline and automate its car rental process, minimizing the reliance on human resources. The objective was to establish an exceptionally efficient car hire for customers while also envisioning a self-sufficient car rental operation.


Implementation of automated car hire

Leveraging Sharefox, Flexbil has established an impressive website for their brand, offering customers the convenience to select a car that precisely meets their requirements. The platform facilitates various online payment solutions for seamless transactions.

Furthermore, Flexbil has seamlessly integrated Sharefox’s rental software, providing a comprehensive overview of all aspects of their rental operations, including cars, customers, orders, and payments. The incorporation of Sharefox’s smart features and integrations has not only accelerated the learning curve for employees but has also allowed them to enhance and refine their working methods efficiently.


Results for Flexbil – automated car hire

Using the Sharefox rental software, Flexbil has automated their entire rental process. They can now offer their customers efficient booking of rental cars, and at the same time they have full control over their entire rental service. The user-friendly booking calendar gives the customer a good overview of available times.

Flexbil car rental - booking calendar

Flexbil now maintains absolute control over their rental service, thanks to Sharefox’s advanced calendar system that provides a real-time overview of all their vehicles. This dynamic calendar facilitates effortless tracking of rented-out vehicles and those available for rent, ultimately saving valuable time and enabling them to work with greater efficiency in optimizing their fleet.

Through the integration of Sharefox, Flexbil seized the opportunity for rapid growth, successfully establishing a loyal and stable customer base within a remarkably short span of 6 months.

Flexbil car rental business - rental software

automated car hire

Automated car hire - Flexbil

Flexbil car hire - booking system

With Sharefox, we have been able to grow quickly and build a stable customer base in just 6 months. All the smart features and integrations have enabled our employees to learn quickly, develop their working methods and save a lot of time.

Mikael Carlson Decoration line CEO, Flexbil.

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