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Location Sweden
Leonarden is a premium sports and outdoor shop that offers high-quality brands and equipment, organizes guided tours, and provides snowmobile rentals for independent exploration.
Checkmark Objective

Eliminate manual handling of rental bookings, improve inventory management, and resolve double-booking issues.

Star Result

Happy customers who can make bookings at their convenience, satisfied employees who can handle orders and group bookings with ease, and complete control over inventory and availability.

Key features used Key features used
  • Online Payments
  • Inventory management
  • Online booking system
  • Activity bookings and handling
  • Invoice feature for group events
  • Accounting data with Fort Nox
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About the rental company

Leonarden AB Sälen is a well-established institution in Sälen in Sweden, founded in 1966. If you ask anyone in Sälen about it, they will likely confirm its long-standing presence in the community. Leonarden is a high-end sports and outdoor shop located in the well-known ski resort of Sälen. They offer top-quality equipment and brands for skiing and other sports. Additionally, they organize guided mountain tours on snowmobiles and also provide snowmobile rentals for independent exploration.


The Leonarden team is a committed and enthusiastic group that offers snowmobile rentals in the winter and outdoor equipment rentals during the summer. They provide helpful guidance on equipment usage and suggested destinations.



One of the primary challenges for Leonarden was the manual handling of rental bookings and activity planning. Managing the bookings for guided tours and rental services proved to be difficult, particularly due to having to track the number of available seats on each tour and concurrently renting out the snowmobiles. The method they used for this was time-consuming, but it also increased the likelihood of miscommunication and double bookings. Leonarden realized that there was a need for a more efficient method.


Inventory management was another major challenge for Leonarden. Keeping track of the various items available for rent, their availability, and maintenance schedules was a labor-intensive task. The risk of double booking or not having the required equipment ready for customers was a constant concern. 


Leonarden dealt with the challenges by implementing Sharefox Sports Equipment Rental Software. The software includes an inventory management system and an online booking system.




Leonarden implemented Sharefox Sports Equipment Rental Software to streamline operations. With online booking, prepayment, and acceptance of terms, customers can easily reserve equipment. The sport equipment software’s inventory management module ensures real-time availability and prevents double bookings. Group bookings are simplified, and activity bookings are seamlessly handled. Online payment and invoice features facilitate transactions and accounting data integration with Fort Nox ensures accurate financial management. Leonarden’s operations have been transformed, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Leonarden achieved outstanding results with Sharefox Sports Equipment Rental Software. The all-in-one solution made their rental and activity operations easier. They have full control over inventory and can handle group bookings, guided tours, and day rentals simultaneously. Customers are happy with flexible booking options, and the staff is delighted with streamlined order handling. Sharefox Sports Equipment Rental Software has empowered Leonarden with efficient inventory management and increased customer satisfaction.

Sports Equipment Rental Software

Sports Equipment Rental Software

Sports Equipment Rental Software

Sharefox Rental Software takes care of the booking and activity planning, freeing up staff from manual work and prevents double bookings.

Christian Ek, CMO Leonarden Christian Ek Decoration line CMO, Leonarden.

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