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Location Norway
Founded 2014
The company Liftroller Rental AS offers new technology to solve logistics challenges on construction sites.
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Liftroller wanted to get full control over logistics, inventory and number of rentals in each period.

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With Sharefox rental software the inventory and availability management has never been easier for Liftroller.

Key features used Key features used
  • Inventory management and tracking on each order
  • Scheduler with calendar
  • Product variants
  • Invoicing and accounting management
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Liftroller was founded by Ivar Ole Wik, who has extensive experience from the construction industry. In 2015, he launched a product series specially designed to avoid damage to fragile materials such as plasterboard. Wik was named inventor of the year in 2014, and the Liftroller product series is now patented and distributed to several countries.

In a portrait interview in Teknisk Ukeblad, Wik reveals that the idea for the Liftroller system came after experiencing all the challenges associated with transporting plasterboard and other fragile materials on construction sites. The Liftroller system has taken inspiration from luggage belts at airports, and forms a platform out of the building that is used to take in and out materials and construction waste on a construction project. With the Liftroller system, the products can be transported directly into the desired floor without damaging the products. This also saves time on unloading, at the same time it provides better HSE and fewer injuries for those who work. What once started as an idea with a simple sketch, has now become a company with many employees and departments in several countries.

In addition to customers in Australia and Asia, the Liftroller system is leased throughout Scandinavia through the company Liftroller Rental AS. The product range has developed to include both ramps with rollers on which form a “luggage band” between the outside and inside of a building, as well as material handling equipment for moving materials around inside the building. 



As a rental company, your own logistics management is a critical factor. Liftroller wants customers to be satisfied, both with the Liftroller product and with the rental experience itself. They help customers choose the right product for the task so that they get the most efficient logistics on the construction site, which is very important for the finances of a project. Therefore they need control of inventory and the number of rentals in each period, as well as to manage invoicing and accounting more efficiently.



On rental software, they chose the Sharefox construction rental software. With Sharefox, Liftroller has an overview of the various rental orders in a separate calendar view, they can follow the inventory and status of these and prepare the invoicing basis. Sharefox and Liftroller have been in dialogue for a long time and it has also resulted in new functions that have been developed in collaboration.



With the Sharefox rental software Liftroller gets full control over tracking and the flow on each order. Inventory and availability management has never been easier. They have great use of the scheduler with a calendar view on each rental order. They also get to create product packing with variants on sizes, etc., which has been a much needed tool for them.

With Sharefox there was a mutual entrepreneurial spirit. We had the solution to complex construction sites and Sharefox had solved the rental software aspect in a very efficient manner.

Bjarte Kvamme - Liftroller Bjarte Kvamme Decoration line Managing Director

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