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M8 offers rental off office spaces.
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Do you want a break from the home office? Or do you want to spend less time commuting to and from work? M8 Eiendom’s office hotel has a good selection of office spaces and is well facilitated for efficient working days, whether you work alone or in a team.

At M8 Eiendom you can rent an office space a little closer to where you live or you can rent a room for your next meeting. The trendy and modern premises with a good indoor environment can be rented as needed, such as long-term or short-term rent.

The premises of the M8 are centrally located in the middle of Moss municipality with both a good location and good parking opportunities. M8 Eiendom AS has owned the premises for some time, but it was not until November 2021 that they began to invest in office hotels. They wanted to meet the growing need for flexible office space in the local community. The goal is to be able to offer a relief for home office or commuter road. Now, with the help of Sharefox rental system, they have launched their new booking solution.

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