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Nardo Fotballklubb

Location An image showcasing Nardo Fotballklubb’s venue facilities, highlighting the spacious and well-equipped event spaces available for rental.
Nardo Fotballklubb is a community-focused football club in Trondheim, Norway, providing excellent sports facilities and event venues.
Checkmark Objective

To streamline venue rental operations and enhance customer experience through efficient booking and payment systems.

Star Result

The software implementation led to increased efficiency, better customer service, and improved booking management for Nardo Fotballklubb.

Key features used Key features used
  • Invoicing and accounting management
  • Inventory management and order tracking
  • Accounting Integration
  • Packages and accessories
  • Online rental store
  • Online booking system
  • Administration tools
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Nardo Fotballklubb – Venue Rental Services

About Customer:

Nardo Fotballklubb, based in Trondheim, Norway, is a prominent local football club known for its community engagement and sports facilities. Established in [year founded], the club has been a hub for local sports enthusiasts, providing training and development opportunities for athletes of all ages. Nardo Fotballklubb’s facilities include modern and spacious venues suitable for various events, making it a popular choice for community gatherings, celebrations, and corporate events. Their commitment to quality service and excellent facilities has made them a trusted name in the community.


Nardo Fotballklubb Venue Rental

Nardo Fotballklubb’s modern venue facilities


Nardo Fotballklubb faced several challenges in managing their venue rental services:

  • Manual booking processes leading to administrative inefficiencies.
  • Difficulty in tracking availability and managing multiple bookings simultaneously.
  • Limited online presence and lack of self-service options for customers.
  • Inefficient payment processing and lack of integration with modern payment methods.
  • The need for real-time updates and seamless communication with customers.

Implementation Process:

To address these challenges, Nardo Fotballklubb implemented Sharefox’s rental management software. The process included the following steps:

  1. Initial Consultation:
    • Understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by Nardo Fotballklubb.
    • Customizing the software to align with the club’s requirements.
  2. System Integration:
    • Integrating the software with Nardo Fotballklubb’s existing website.
    • Setting up an online booking system allowing customers to view availability and book venues directly.
  3. Training and Support:
    • Providing comprehensive training for staff to efficiently use the new system.
    • Offering ongoing support to ensure smooth operation and address any issues promptly.
  4. Payment Solutions:
    • Implementing integrated payment gateways supporting various payment methods, enhancing customer convenience.
    • Ensuring secure and efficient transaction processing.
  5. Customer Self-Service:
    • Enabling features for customers to manage bookings, make payments, and receive real-time updates.
    • Creating a user-friendly interface to enhance customer experience.


The implementation of Sharefox’s rental management software resulted in significant improvements for Nardo Fotballklubb:

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated booking processes reduced administrative workload.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Online self-service options improved customer satisfaction.
  • Better Tracking: Real-time updates and efficient tracking of venue availability.
  • Improved Payment Processing: Seamless integration of multiple payment methods.
  • Boosted Online Presence: A modernized website attracted more customers.



  1. What challenges did Nardo Fotballklubb face in venue rentals?
    • Nardo Fotballklubb struggled with manual booking processes, tracking availability, limited online presence, inefficient payment methods, and the need for real-time updates.
  2. How did Nardo Fotballklubb improve their booking process?
    • By implementing Sharefox’s rental management software, which automated bookings, integrated payment gateways, and provided real-time updates.
  3. What benefits did the new system bring to Nardo Fotballklubb?
    • The new system increased efficiency, enhanced customer experience, improved payment processing, and boosted their online presence.
  4. How did the software enhance customer experience?
    • The software enabled online self-service options, allowing customers to manage bookings and payments easily and receive real-time updates.
  5. What specific features did Sharefox’s software provide?
    • Features included automated booking processes, integrated payment gateways, real-time updates, and a user-friendly interface for customers.
  6. What was the overall impact on Nardo Fotballklubb’s operations?
    • The implementation led to improved efficiency, better customer service, and streamlined booking management, significantly enhancing their rental operations.