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Location Norway
RentMeNow offers a wide range of equipment to rent, such as scaffolds, excavators, trailers and boom lifts.
Checkmark Objective

Expand and optimize their capacity and keep stock and availability control on each location.

Star Result

Increased order efficiency by 180%.

Key features used Key features used
  • Online Bookings
  • Inventory management
  • Order tracking
  • Accounting Integration
  • Invoicing
  • Pricing schemes
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RentMeNow (NO: LeiMegNaa) is a big player in the Tools and Machinery rental industry in the Oslo region in Norway. With RentMeNow, you can rent all the equipment your project demands with ease. Whether you need trailers, scaffolding, an excavator or a boom lift – they have it all. The company focuses on serving professional business clients. They also cater to the private market for home renovation projects etc.



RentMeNow wanted to expand their rental business and needed to increase their capacity. As they expanded from one to five locations, they wanted to ensure that their capacity was maximized and that their inventory levels were accurate for each location.

Their goal was to spend less time on each order. In order to do so they needed to handle a multitude of different orders with high velocity for many customers at the same time. In addition, they also wanted to keep better track of every machine and improve their inventory management. At the same time they wanted their customers to do their rental bookings online, when it was best for their schedule.

In early days, RentMeNow used a custom made software for inventory management and bookings. As the company grew, it became clear that a shift was needed. RentMeNow started using the Sharefox heavy equipment rental software in 2020.



The Sharefox heavy equipment rental software has enabled further growth and scalability for RentMeNow. When handling a multitude of orders with high volume and high velocity, inventory management and order tracking are crucial.

With Sharefox they can follow each order and invoicing. The online booking system lets customers check the availability for equipment, and book orders and handle them according to their schedule and plans. The B2B module in Sharefox is highlighted as the most important feature for RentMeNow, with its invoicing feature, accounting integration and corporate pricing schemes. Additionally, the ability to have extra payment for extended rental or minor damage is one of their favorite Sharefox features.

Heavy Equipment rental software

Heavy Equipment rental software

Heavy Equipment rental software



By taking advantage of the features offered by Sharefox, RentMeNow experienced a significant boost to their capacity to rent out machines and increased order efficiency by 180%.

As a result of implementing Sharefox’s heavy equipment rental software, inventory levels and availability in each location are now carefully monitored. RentMeNow has better inventory management and smart packaging. Furthermore, customers can easily make bookings online, which has contributed to increased capacity because the time spent on every order has decreased. In addition they have benefited from better invoicing, tracking and B2B discount pricing structures.

Going from 1 to 5 locations, we needed a Heavy Equipment Rental Software where we could optimize our capacity and keep stock and availability control in each location. Sharefox has enabled our scaling process, and our B2B customers are super happy to do their rental bookings when it works best for them.

Chris Gjersvik - RentMeNow Chris Gjersvik Decoration line COO, RentMeNow.

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