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TrailerCenter S.

Location Norway
TrailerCenter S. delivers trailers for all purposes, and also offers a trailer rental service as a side business to selling and maintenance.
Checkmark Objective

Going from manual rental operation with a lot of hassle to a digital and effective rental service. Increase the number of bookings with a new self service model, not restricted to opening hours.

Star Result

Increased revenue with an automated self-service and open all-day model.

Key features used Key features used
  • Online Bookings
  • Online Payments
  • Self-Service solution
  • Inventory management
  • Dashboard and reporting for planning stock and assortment
  • Handling manual orders, drop in orders as well as online bookings.
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TrailerCenter S. (Known as Tilhengersenter Sør in Norway) is Southern Norway’s distributor of trailers from Böckmann, Humbaur, Temared, and Brenderup. They offer trailers for all purposes, both for private and professional users: horse trailers, machine trailers, car trailers, boat trailers, goods trailers, tipper trailers, multi trailers, special trailers, and Muldy trailers. Their trailer rental service was originally a small part of the big trailer center, as they mainly focused on sales, service, and repairing trailers.



TrailerCenter S. considered dropping their trailer rental services because of the low number of customers, low turnover, and how much hassle and work it was to keep track of everything manually.



Instead of dropping their trailer rental service, they wanted to offer a fully automated self-service solution. TrailerCenter S. went fully digital with Sharefox trailer rental software and Sharebox on self-service in 2020. Now the rental service is fully digitalized and their customers can rent the trailers online 24/7 – 365. Their customers will book a trailer online, accept terms and pay, then they will pick up the trailer and return it when they’re finished with it. They can even pick up and return the trailer outside opening hours.

Trailer rental software

Trailer rental software



Sharefox trailer rental software and the self-service model have completely changed TrailerCenter S.’s business for the better by digitizing and automating their rentals. It has become a big game changer for their business. The self-service and open all-day model is profitable for both TrailerCenter S. and their customers. Because of TrailerCenter S.’s self-service model, their customers can book and pick up when they want, with little to no manual work from employees, freeing them up to do other tasks. The customer feedback has been resoundingly positive.

Their rental business went from a few trailers and items to increasing rapidly and gaining more revenue. TrailerCenter S. has gone from an inefficient side service to a profitable and important part of the business by restructuring their rental services. Instead of a handful of bookings per week, they now have three or more bookings each day during their busiest season.

Trailer rental software

Before we utilized the Self Service model from Sharefox, our rental service was a low-revenue operation that caused us a lot of hassle. Now, however, we are a profitable rental service open 24/7 – 365 with happy customers!

Frank Øgrey Eikhom - trailer rental business Frank Eikhom Decoration line CEO, TrailerCenter S.

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