Online booking software for rental industry

Turn your rental website into a sales channel with Sharefox online booking software. Stay in control of your business and offer a digital experience for your customers with real-time availability control, flexible payment methods, and order management from A to Z.

Making equipment rental as easy as online shopping

We believe that renting equipment should be as easy as online shopping. That’s why we’ve designed a digital solution that will help you create a one-stop-shop digital experience for your customers. Make rent simple with our online booking system, real-time availability control, flexible payments, and a comprehensive inventory management system.

Rental booking system
Inventory management system

Digital customer experience for rental industry

With a website built specifically for rental business needs and optimized for online bookings, Sharefox helps you increase productivity and improve customer experience.

Effective inventory management

The real challenge of running a rental operation is to control your inventory and its distribution. Sharefox inventory management system is a tool that helps you stay in control and be efficient in every step.

product rental software
Inventory management system

Scale with modules and add-ons

No business is alike. That’s why Sharefox offers several extensions, integrations and add-ons that will adjust the solution to the way you work and help you scale up your business. 

Goal-oriented digital rental system

We help you grow and achieve goals by digitizing your rental business. If you want to cut operational costs and reduce order processing times, you need a reliable cloud-based online booking system that will streamline payments, make it easier to check availability, track inventory and resources, and promote your products. 

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Reduction in operating costs

46 %

Reduction in processing time

All-in-one rental experience

A rental system should be as easy as an online shop or an eCommerce platform – for both you and your customers. With Sharefox you can offer a smooth rental experience to your B2B or B2C customers: scheduling, booking, payments, invoicing and digitally signed terms & conditions. The systems helps you to easily track all inventory, orders and their statuses, as well as collect business-critical data to monitor how your rental business is doing. 

Rental booking system

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this service ideal for?

We work with entrepreneurs and startups, as well as established rental companies that want to digitize their services, as well as businesses that want to build new rental services.

I don’t need a website. Can I still use Sharefox?

Sharefox has both an online digital booking flow, as well as the option to insert and create your orders yourself in the admin system. This way you can use it as a purely rental management tool.

Can I use Sharefox as a homepage?

Yes you can. Several of our customers only use Sharefox as their homepage, as it saves costs for them. You can update your homepage directly from Sharefox.

Can I use Sharefox when working with B2B customers?

Yes you can. We have a lot of B2B features and you can decide yourself if you want to open up for website bookings or just want to use our admin rental system.

I have a lot of employees. Can I control their access to the system?

Yes, the system has a role-based user access. For example, an employee may only see orders and customers, and not be able to edit prices or products. Ideal for a retail shop network with multiple locations. This way you can allow a particular shop employees to only access their own shop data.

How do I know that there is a new order coming?

Online bookings are automatically created in Sharefox. You get a digital copy of the receipts and get notified on all communications happening through the system.

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