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Appointment Scheduling Software designed for rental businesses

Our appointment scheduling software is easy to use and will help you increase sales by optimizing your website for online bookings.

Voted #1 by rental companies large and small
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Inventory management system
What we do
Retail and enterprise rental software

Automate your bookings

Make your business run more smoothly with our cloud-based appointment scheduling app. With this booking system, you can take on more orders without having to worry about overbooking. Plus, it will digitize your order flow for a streamlined experience.

Retail and enterprise rental software

Real-time availability control

With the Sharefox appointment scheduling software, your customers can check product availability in real-time and schedule appointments accordingly.


The features and benefits of our appointment scheduling software include:

  • Personalized booking system

    With our online booking system, you can select from a variety of templates to fit your brand and tailor the store to your liking.

  • Live availability feature

    To present products correctly and avoid double bookings, use advanced calendars and schedulers.

  • Tracking inventory and ensuring items are stocked

    Track your inventory by location and see which items are available. Get an overview of the utilization rate, or how many items are in stock.

  • Offer self-service or home delivery

    Choose how you would like to distribute your products.

  • Automate your notifications

    Automate your notifications to keep clients updated on any changes, and send reminders for pick-ups and returns.

  • Flexible opening hours

    We offer flexible options to suit your needs. Offer rentals for an hour, a day, a month, or even on a subscription basis.

  • Websites designed specifically for mobile devices

    Optimize your rental store for mobile devices and create a responsive website design.

  • Keep track of your orders

    Track the status and activity log for each item in your order. This way, you can manage your orders more effectively.

Our software integrates easily with the tools you’re already using

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With Sharefox, you’re guaranteed the best support possible.

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Here are some customer feedback from those who are using the Sharefox appointment scheduling software.

  • Bjarte Kvamme - Liftroller

    With Sharefox there was a mutual entrepreneurial spirit. We had the solution to complex construction sites and Sharefox had solved the rental software aspect in a very efficient manner.

    Bjarte Kvamme
    Managing Director
  • jostein langslet

    Being able to rent a Kayak in the middle of our capital Oslo, just beside the Opera and Museum of Edvard Munch is spectacular. With our rental software it’s a smooth operation to book, pick up and just paddle the Oslo Fjord.

    Jostein Langslet
    Teamleader Fjord expeditions
  • Fredrik Østreng

    This is a niche industry, and it’s been fantastic to get all this great feedback on our rental service after Sharefox implementation. There is high demand for our premium Horse Trucks, and with Sharefox we have been able to upscale our rental service and attract more partners.

    Fredrik Østereng

Sharefox appointment scheduling app: specific answers to the questions you have.

Is our appointment scheduling software right for your business? Check out answers to some frequently asked questions by our customers.

Our rental software is billed monthly at affordable prices. You can pick any of our plans depending on your business and inventory size. We also offer custom solutions for new rental services and businesses with unique needs.
Our admin portal features a product module that allows you to create products that will appear on your online store. You can categorize your products add descriptions, images, videos, and other information. Visit our 24/7 help centre to learn more.
We have an expert sales team that will help you find the right product and pricing for your business. You can send a message through our contact form or live chat. We also offer product and account support through a 24/7 knowledge base/help centre.


The Dangers of having paperwork and manual systems for rental businesses

If you continue to do business through manual and paper-based processes, your company will eventually fold. Paper records are easy to lose, challenging to fill out accurately, difficult to share, and take up too much space. Ditching physical forms in favor of digital documents saves time, and gives you a clear overview of all elements of your business enterprise, While working from any location — even if it means not having to visit a store or office physically.

Learning how to set the right prices will lead to more profits

Strategic price setting is vital to increasing profits. To get the most out of your products, it’s important to understand the market, your competitors, and what it costs you to produce before setting prices. Using dynamic pricing (like seasonal discounts) can be helpful in this process. For example, during high-demand periods you can charge more, and during off-peak seasons you can lower prices to increase demand. Sharefox appointment scheduling software has a flexible pricing structure that allows you to customize your prices based on seasons or discounts – so take advantage of it!

Increasing team efficiency and productivity with an appointment scheduling software

If data is duplicated and the workload isn’t divided efficiently, it will take a toll on team communication and consequently your business. All-in-one appointment scheduling software can help increase productivity among employees by centralizing your data. When information is easy to find, customers are managed properly, and teams can access updated info quickly in real-time, excellent customer service naturally follows. With an all-in-one appointment scheduling system, everyone stays on the same page while being more productive which leads to better results for your business.

How rental technology can help you keep track of your inventory

The following are some ways that rental technology can help improve your inventory management process:

  • Keep careful track of your equipment’s stock so that you always know what is available.
  • Keep your customers updated on when they should expect to receive their rental items, as well as the date these items are due back.
  • Keep an eye on equipment for any issues, and let you know when maintenance or repair work is needed.
  • With our technology, you’ll always know where your assets are located in real-time.
  • Get to know how often each piece of equipment is being used and what sorts of conditions it is typically operated in.

Inventory management can be tough, but a barcode scanner will make the process much smoother

Barcodes enable businesses that rent out equipment to have a full, thorough system for inventory control. You can assign barcodes to every individual piece of your rental equipment and scan them whenever an item is rented or returned. This way, you’re always informed about what has been rented and what’s available – meaning you can perfectly manage your inventory at all times.

We help businesses reach their potential and accomplish their goals

Our appointment scheduling software is designed to help businesses grow and achieve their goals. Our clients use our software to provide a smooth experience for their customers, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. By using our software, they can maintain the lead in their industries.

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Sharefox is the solution for all your rental needs

We help businesses in the rental industry to improve and streamline their operations with our innovative digital platform.

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