Offer 24/7 access to your business with rental software and digital padlocks

Increase your profits by automating the rental process and expanding your business hours. Our solution can help you streamline operations and stand out from competitors.

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Self-service solution
Self-service for rental businesses
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    Offer your customers a 24/7 service

    Unlock the potential of your rental business by making it accessible 24/7 with an online booking system and a self-service system. Allow customers to rent and return products on their own terms.

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    Enhance the customer experience by providing quality service

    With self-service rental and return options, your customers can effortlessly enjoy a smooth renting experience. Make their journey as seamless as possible to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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    Advanced security with intelligent technology

    Strengthen customer security by verifying valid identification or credit card information before granting access to your products. This will guarantee that only authorized customers have access.

Self-service rental businesses
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    Maximize your productivity

    By allowing customers to rent and return items independently, self-service systems decrease the demand for employee assistance. Such autonomy not only simplifies customer experience but improves overall efficiency as well.

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    Optimized operations

    Maximize your productivity and efficiency by using rental software. Track and manage your inventory, produce invoices swiftly, and process payments with ease. This will save you both time and money.

self-service solution

Improve your rental business with a self-service solution

Sharefox rental software together with Inlet and igloohome Padlock gives you everything you need to run your rental business smoothly with a smart self-service solution.

This self-service solution allows you to automatically send unique access codes to your customers. The codes will work for the duration of the booking. You don’t need to physically meet your customers or be present at the location. You don’t need to set or change the codes manually. You don’t even need to send the codes to your customers. It’s all taken care of.

With Sharefox rental software you will get a website, booking system, payment solution, rentals management, inventory tracking, and more.

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