Start-ups and New rental services

Build your own new rental service and help the world own less and share more. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business that wants to launch a new rental service, Sharefox software solution can help you build your own subscription or rental offering.

Dive in to the circular economy

Sharefox is an all-in-one platform that can help dive into the circular economy and promote “access” versus “ownership”. Build and streamline your new rental services by efficiently managing online bookings, subscriptions, products and product packaging, inventory, recurring billing, as well as customize your communications.

Inventory management system

Case study decided to tackle one of the universal human problems – children growing out of their clothes too fast. Constantly buying new clothes for children negatively affects the environment and increases CO2 emissions.

Using Sharefox’s rental software solution, the company launched an innovative rental service that offers parents to rent on outdoor clothing (parkas or snowsuits) for their toddlers, instead of buying a new one. This way, helps reduce non-sustainable consumption.

How can we help families to a more sustainable consumption?

Henrik Hojem 


Inventory management system

Digital customer experience for rental industry

With a website built specifically for rental business needs and optimized for online bookings, Sharefox helps you increase productivity and improve customer experience.

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Expand your capabilities
through integrations

Do more with Sharefox by integrating with accounting systems, Bank ID, SMS, and other plug-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this service ideal for?

We work with entrepreneurs and startups, as well as established rental companies that want to digitize their services, as well as businesses that want to build new rental services.

I don’t need a website. Can I still use Sharefox?

Sharefox has both an online digital booking flow, as well as the option to insert and create your orders yourself in the admin system. This way you can use it as a purely rental management tool.

Can I use Sharefox as a homepage?

Yes you can. Several of our customers only use Sharefox as their homepage, as it saves costs for them. You can update your homepage directly from Sharefox.

Can I use Sharefox when working with B2B customers?

Yes you can. We have a lot of B2B features and you can decide yourself if you want to open up for website bookings or just want to use our admin rental system.

I have a lot of employees. Can I control their access to the system?

Yes, the system has a role-based user access. For example, an employee may only see orders and customers, and not be able to edit prices or products. Ideal for a retail shop network with multiple locations. This way you can allow a particular shop employees to only access their own shop data.

How do I know that there is a new order coming?

Online bookings are automatically created in Sharefox. You get a digital copy of the receipts and get notified on all communications happening through the system.

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