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Discover how Sharefox assists companies of all sizes and across various industries in launching and expanding their rental businesses.

  • RHP Udlejning
    RHP Udlejning provides affordable rental equipment and machinery with a focus on excellent customer service across Denmark.
  • Getterå Däck
    Getterå Däck, founded in 2011, is a leading tire rental and service provider based in Torpshammar, Sweden, known for its quality and reliability.
  • CEO, Flexbil
    Flexbil is a car rental business that provides its customers with automated car hire in Sweden.
  • CEO, Rentable
    Rentable offers easy rental of scaffolding and equipment to businesses and individuals.
  • Trine Lise Wahl - M8 office rental
    CEO, M8
    M8 offers rental off office spaces.
  • Thomas Lindborg KBK car rental
    CEO, KBK
    KBK offers a flexible rental solution where you can easily switch between different cars and vehicles adapted to your needs.
  • André Martini - GVU Tools and Machinery rental
    CEO, GVU
    GVU AS offer short-term and long-term rental of tools of the highest quality, to both professional and private customers.
  • mikki dall
    Marketing Manager in Baisikeli, Baisikeli
    Baisikeli, which means bicycle in Swahili, was founded in 2003 because they already saw the massive waste of resources around used bicycles.
  • jostein langslet
    Teamleader Fjord expeditions, Den Norske Turistforening
    Den Norske Turistforening (DNT) is an association that organizes guided tours and activities yearly and rents out equipment for kayaking and other outdoor events.

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