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How to Start a Inflatable Bouncy House Rental Business

Inflatable rental business

By Christian Wilkens 

Why start a Inflatable Bouncy House rental business?

A great way to start your own rental business may be by renting out these fun inflatable houses or castles for people’s enjoyment. The demand is pretty much infinite with kids birthdays, fundraisers, county fairs and corporate events. With a quick internet search, you will find heaps of vendors and manufacturers of inflatables. So creating a healthy supply line should not be that difficult. 

But running a successful business is not easy. There are many factors that need consideration – like getting the right equipment, understanding profit potential and legal structures for your new venture; but most importantly how you can market it effectively so more people will rent from you.  With the newest technology in inflatables rental software, the launch time and cost has been reduced considerably. 


Industry size and growth

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Party Supply Rental industry is $5.9bn in 2022 in the US alone. The market size of the Party Supply Rental industry is expected to increase 4.3% in 2023. 

Trends and challenges

Trends in the Inflatable rental industry include:

  • Inflatable obstacle courses on water are the big new thing in the inflatable rental business. They can be used outdoors making this an all year business. The inflatable interactive games are a new, fun way for kids and adults alike. These types of playthings come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something perfect for every age. Our absolute favorite is the basketball game because it allows kids to fly around laughing while battling gravity with ease. 

    The children’s entertainment industry is a hotbed for growth and many people are looking to get into it. A rental company must have strong marketing networks, along with knowledge about the demographics they’re trying to reach out to in order to succeed long-term. This means investing time into researching who your target audience really are. 

Challenges in the Inflatable industry include:

  • The role of a bounce house rental company is to make deliveries on time, but there’s considerably more that happens in between. For starters the weekends will be filled with pick ups and drop offs as well as all week long maintenance work like cleaning inflatables after they’ve been used outdoors during wet events so you can rent them out without worrying about mold or odors ruining your business. There is a lot more work going into this kind of rental business. Things like: Maintenance, management and marketing of inflatable playhouses. Repairing any damages done by weather conditions or misuse will be your responsibility. 

Pros and Cons Of Starting An Inflatable Rental Business

Pros and cons


  • The joy of children being happy is the best feeling in this world. 
  • You can make good money at each party.
  • Work from home getting those bookings – work outside when setting up the gear.


  • Weather can make or break your day. 
  • Liability, precautions are needed to prevent injuries to the user. 

Factors to consider and the cost of starting an Inflatable rental business

The cost of an inflatable bounce house is perhaps the only big challenge to enter the industry. The next major obstacle for new business owners will be finding space on which they can set up their inflatable structures, and then there’s always transportation costs when bringing them in from wherever it was purchased. Remember to check out local laws and regulations around running an inflatable rental business. 

Business plan

If you are new in the game and thinking of starting an inflatable rental business, you will need a good business plan. But where to start and how to write it? A strong, well-thought out business plan is crucial for a business’s success. Without one it can be tough to maintain an ambitious vision and what the next steps should look like in your head without writing them down or figuring things out as you go along.  

But with this guide we’ll show exactly how much information needs just fall into place when creating that perfect pitch so all those nagging questions are answered immediately. 

  1. Write an executive summary
  2. Company description
  3. List your products and services
  4. Perform a market analysis
  5. Organization overview
  6. Who is your customer?
  7. Make a marketing plan
  8. Provide a logistics and operations plan
  9. Make a financial plan


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Essential software and tools for a rental business

It is no secret that we at sharefox want you to succeed with your business idea and in this day and age, the best way to start and grow a rental business is by having the best software tools to start with. If you are planning to be in the rental business, whether it is a short term equipment rental or long-term subscriptions model, you will need to know what expectations do customers have for an online shopping experience?

A good rental software must contain these two functions:

  • Online booking system: What your customer can actually see and experience on the website. Choosing, booking and paying.
  • Management system: The part of the software that you use for handling orders, control inventory and have an efficient admin operation.


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Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy you create for your business can have a huge impact on the bottom line and make it easier to find new customers. Marketing is all about reaching your target audience and engaging them. A detailed plan with structured efforts across various platforms can make all of the difference when it comes time to put together some creative content tailored towards specific needs. 

Please read our blog for how to create a marketing strategy and learn how below factors play an important role for your marketing strategy. 

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Process
  4. Physical Evidence
  5. Messaging
  6. And much more…


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Start your Inflatable rental business idea today!

There are rental business ideas for nearly every niche. If you’re interested in starting a profitable business in the rental industry, find your ideal match in the list above and then invest in the items needed to provide quality rental services to your community. We at Sharefox can help you get started with the rental software that you need.

What are you going to do now?

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