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Revolutionize Your Access Control with a New Digital Padlock System

What is a digital padlock? 

igloohome is a smart lock company that has developed a digital padlock. This system allows users to remotely grant or revoke access to their locks using a smartphone app, eliminating the need for physical keys or keycards.


One of the major benefits of the igloohome digital padlock system is the ability to grant access to guests or service workers without having to physically meet them or be present at the location. This can be especially useful for vacation rentals, where guests may arrive at different times or for businesses that need to allow access to contractors or other service providers.


Say goodbye to the frustration of traditional padlocks with small, hard-to-use digits or dials. With the igloohome Padlock, you won’t need to worry about keeping track of keys or codes – simply use the mobile app to grant or gain access on your own terms. Enjoy the convenience and ease of use of this innovative padlock solution.


  • Keyless access eliminates the need for physical keys, making it more convenient and secure
  • Automatic lock and unlock features enhance security and reduce the risk of theft or unauthorized access
  • Tamper-proof design ensures the padlock is secure and resistant to tampering
  • Remote management features allow rental equipment owners to control access and usage from anywhere
  • Integration with popular property management platforms streamlines the rental process and provides added convenience
  • Flexible scheduling and pricing options allow rental equipment owners to easily accommodate different rental scenarios
  • Real-time updates and access logs provide transparency and accountability for rental equipment usage


What is unique about the new padlock system? 


igloohome’s Padlock offers a unique feature not found in other Bluetooth padlocks: the ability to send PIN codes to grant access to others without requiring an app or being in proximity to the padlock. This feature, called algoPIN™ technology, allows you to easily grant access to friends, family, and more, without any extra steps or hassle.”


The igloohome digital padlock system is also very secure, as it uses a variety of security measures to protect against unauthorized access. These measures include encrypted communication between the lock and the app, as well as the ability to set up temporary access codes that expire after a certain period of time.


In addition to the convenience and security benefits, the igloohome digital padlock system is also very easy to use. Setting up the lock and granting access to others is simple and can be done in just a few clicks using the smartphone app.


Overall, the igloohome digital padlock system is a great solution for anyone who wants a convenient and secure way to control access to their property or rental equipment. Whether you own a sports and outdoors rental business looking to make it easier for guests to claim items, a self storage business looking to make operations more automated, or a machinery rental business owner looking to give contractors access to tools or excavators, the igloohome digital padlock system is definitely worth considering. 

Have a 24/7 rental business with a self service system

The igloohome digital padlock system is a versatile and useful tool for a variety of industries and applications. We will explore three specific industries where the igloohome padlock digital key system can be especially useful: the sports and outdoors rental industry, the tools and machinery rental industry and the self storage industry.

Sports and Outdoors rental Industry


For businesses in the sports and outdoors rental industry, the igloohome digital padlock system can be a great solution for managing access to storage areas and equipment. For example, a sports facility may use the igloohome padlock to secure storage rooms where sports equipment is kept, or to lock up outdoor adventure equipment like kayaks or mountain bikes.


The igloohome digital padlock system allows customers and merchants to easily grant and revoke access to these areas, as well as track who has accessed them and when. This can be especially useful for managing access to expensive rental equipment.

Tools and Machinery Rental Industry


The igloohome digital padlock system can also be useful for rental businesses in the tools and machinery industry. For example, a construction company may use the igloohome padlock to secure a tool shed or equipment storage area, allowing workers to access the tools and equipment they need while also keeping them secure.


In addition, the igloohome padlock digital key system can be used to lock up heavy machinery or other expensive equipment when it is not in use. This can help prevent unauthorized use or theft, while also making it easy for authorized personnel to access the equipment when needed.


Secure self storage 


Digital padlocks integrated with booking software offer a range of benefits for self storage businesses. For customers, the ability to access their units at any time using their smartphone is convenient and eliminates the need for physical keys. For businesses, the technology provides enhanced security through remote lock control and access logs. These features allow for better management of the storage units and a more transparent experience for customers. By adopting digital padlocks, self storage businesses can modernize their operations and improve the overall experience for their customers.


Overall, the igloohome smart padlock system is a great solution for rental businesses in both the sports and outdoors industry, the tools and machinery industry and the self storage industry. Its ability to grant and revoke access remotely, as well as track who has accessed the lock and when, makes it a valuable tool for managing access to equipment and storage areas in these industries.

How does the Padlock system work with rental software? 

Sharefox is an equipment rental software that allows rental businesses to manage and automate their equipment rental process. One way that Sharefox can be used in conjunction with the igloohome smart padlock system is by integrating the two systems to allow for an automated self-serviced rental process. To make this happen our lock integration partner Inlet connects the booking software to the lock system. 


  1. A customer browses the equipment rental inventory via any Sharefox built rental website and selects the items they would like to rent.


  1. The customer then completes the rental process by paying for the rental and signing a rental agreement.


  1. Upon completion of the rental process, the lock integration system Inlet generates a unique access code for the igloohome smart padlock. This access code is sent to the customer via SMS.


  1. The customer can then use the access code to unlock the igloohome padlock on the equipment storage area or shed where the rented equipment is stored.


  1. When the rental period is over, the customer returns the equipment to the storage area and locks the igloohome padlock using the same access code. After the rental period, the access code will stop working automatically.


This process allows for a completely self-service rental experience, as the customer can access the equipment without having to interact with any staff. It also allows the business to manage the entire rental process remotely, as they can track the status of rentals, generate access codes, and manage inventory all through the Sharefox software.


In addition to the convenience and efficiency benefits of using Sharefox with the igloohome padlock digital key system, it also adds an extra layer of security to the rental process. 


Overall, the combination of Sharefox and the igloohome smart padlock system is a powerful tool for rental businesses that want to streamline and automate their equipment rental process while also adding an extra layer of security. It’s a great solution for rental businesses looking to offer self-service rentals and manage their equipment rental process remotely.


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