Skip to main content – tool rentals from a customer perspective started with an idea that tool rentals could be done in a much more customer friendly way. But what does it take for the customer to rent a drill instead of buying it? Let´s explore.



Tools can be picked up at gas stations or local 7-elevens



The experience is based on customer feedback and interviews, trying to find the perfect rental experience. The interviews revealed that digital booking interface, online blogs and guides on do-it-yourself tips, high quality of equipment and pick-up/delivery in the local community was what the customer valued the most. Based on this, created their service offering. uses the Sharefox digital platform. You order online and customers are free to choose between pick up in their local neighbourhoods, at 7 eleven or Shell gas station, use the PostNord or Helthjem home delivery services, or pick up at the Tooler warehouse. The system looks up capacity and how long it takes to deliver before it provides pick-up and delivery times to the customer. Furthermore, Tooler has a membership tier that give members discounted prices if they have larger projects. In addition, Tooler provides how-to and inspirational articles on projects that the customer can perform, with a direct link to rental equipment that can be used for the job.

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Tooler’s concept has received a lot of media attention for how they have set up their value chain. They are highlighted as an example of a new way of retail within the circular economy by the national trade organisation Virke, and newspapers such as Dagens Næringsliv and the broadcaster TV2 News have reported on the service.



TV2 News visits together with the CEO of Virke.