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Run your store smoothly with our equipment rental software

Our equipment rental management system helps you easily manage reservations, inventory, and maintenance.

Trusted by equipment rental companies around the world
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Construction rental software
Small equipment rental software

Reliable cloud-based small construction equipment rental software

Automate your equipment rental process with a cloud server that stores all your data securely and makes them accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Small business equipment rental software

Handles simple and complex operations

Sharefox equipment rental software is built to handle simple and complex workflows from order tracking and stock control to analytics and predictive maintenance.

 A host of benefits that our equipment rental software provides

  • Effortless equipment management

    Store an unlimited number of products in your rental inventory and track their availability and usage individually or in bulk.

  • Automatic reporting

    Automatically generated financial report, track your work performance and progress to enable you to make critical business decisions.

  • Get rid of manual work

    Say goodbye to a trail of tedious paperwork and spreadsheets, time-consuming phone calls, and double bookings.

  • Implement a barcode scanner

    Scan equipment barcodes to import information, update inventory, send notifications, and enable clients to pick up and return items quickly.

  • Customer management

    Get reports on customers’ credit scores and reliability, to automatically rate them and make quick decisions.

  • Flexible rate structure

    Set as many pricing rates, including daily, seasonal, or by location and update price lists in real-time.

  • Digital signature

    Generate a digital signature for rental contracts, quotes, and other documents from your rental software.

  • Promote your business

    Publish marketing articles and link directly to your rental equipment to promote your services and reach more customers.

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See what our clients say

  • Kasia Pacek

    When we were choosing a rental booking system we looked at 15 different systems in the market. We found Sharefox to be the most advanced and best suited for our purpose. We are very happy with Sharefox and their Service minded attitude!

    Kasia Pacek
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Preben Want - Bodø Liftutleie

    With Sharefox we operate more efficiently and can focus on advising on complex assignments rather than answering emails and phone calls all day long.

    Preben Want
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Bjarte Kvamme - Liftroller

    With Sharefox there was a mutual entrepreneurial spirit. We had the solution to complex construction sites and Sharefox had solved the rental software aspect in a very efficient manner.

    Bjarte Kvamme
    Managing Director
  • Fredrik Østreng

    This is a niche industry, and it’s been fantastic to get all this great feedback on our rental service after Sharefox implementation. There is high demand for our premium Horse Trucks, and with Sharefox we have been able to upscale our rental service and attract more partners.

    Fredrik Østereng
  • jostein langslet

    Being able to rent a Kayak in the middle of our capital Oslo, just beside the Opera and Museum of Edvard Munch is spectacular. With our rental software it’s a smooth operation to book, pick up and just paddle the Oslo Fjord.

    Jostein Langslet
    Teamleader Fjord expeditions


Why equipment rental businesses need an online rental management system

Software programs for managing equipment rental businesses are mainly used to manage different activities within the business. These activities include tracking orders, maintaining equipment, organizing inventory, and monitoring accounting and clients. Equipment rental businesses rely on rental software to manage their day-to-day operations and ensure that they function efficiently.

Key features to look out for in an equipment rental software solution

The equipment rental software you choose is a very important decision for your business. Consider the following factors:

  • Ease of use: Consider the tool’s usability, user interface, and ease of setup. 
  • Business type: Pick a rental software specifically designed to meet equipment rental business needs. Though many rental tools are built for different industries, some are more business or industry-specific.
  • Business Size: Make sure the software is suitable for the size of your business.

Self-service solutions to help you streamline your operations

Self-service solutions are innovative methods to streamline your online rental store operations and run your business more efficiently. For instance, our partner Sharebox offers SMS codes and mobile app access to a digital box where customers can pick up and return their rented equipment or keys to the rented item. Imagine having digital warehouses in various locations, especially in areas with high demand for your services. It offers more expansion opportunities and provides rentals to customers round the clock.

Effective stock rotation with rental management

One of the numerous benefits that rental management tools provide is efficiently and effectively managing the usage of products. Excellent stock rotation prevents overutilization and underutilization of individual assets. 

Digital transformation and equipment rental businesses

Digital transformation means implementing digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. For the rental industry, it means automating your rental operation and bringing all rental processes into an all-in-one digital system. Digital transformation in equipment rentals addresses reliance on manual paperwork systems, data duplication, faulty internal communications, lack of analytics, and customer dissatisfaction.  

Exploring the Potential of Construction Machinery Rental Software for Modern Businesses

The Rising Demand for Construction Equipment Rental Solutions

The construction industry is increasingly relying on rental equipment to meet its project needs. This shift has been driven by the cost-efficiency, flexibility, and convenience of renting over purchasing heavy machinery. Consequently, construction machinery rental software has emerged as a critical tool for rental companies, enabling them to streamline their operations, manage inventory effectively, and optimize their rental processes.

Inventory Management: A Cornerstone of Rental Software

One of the core features of construction machinery rental software is advanced inventory management. This system allows businesses to maintain real-time control over their inventory, ensuring that equipment is adequately maintained, available when needed, and efficiently utilized. This capability is not only crucial for operational efficiency but also for elevating a business’s service quality and reliability??.

Pricing Strategies: Tailoring Solutions to Business Needs

The pricing structures of rental software are designed to cater to a wide range of businesses, from early-stage startups to mid-sized companies. Subscription models typically start from €149 per month, offering a balance between affordability and comprehensive functionality. These pricing plans often include advanced configuration options, pricing templates, and product bundles, enabling businesses to customize the software according to their specific needs??.

Streamlining Operations with User-Friendly Interfaces

Modern rental software integrates user ID systems like Google login and BankID, providing customers with a secure and convenient way to access online services. This integration not only enhances customer experience but also simplifies account management for both users and rental companies??.

Subscription Management: A New Revenue Avenue

The subscription rental feature of Sharefox software is a standout addition. It automates the collection of recurring payments and invoicing, offering customers the flexibility to manage their subscriptions effectively. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to establish a steady revenue stream through monthly rental arrangements??.

Self-Service Rental: Empowering Customers

The concept of self-service in rental software is revolutionizing the industry. ShareFox and ShareBox offer a complete solution for self-service, encompassing both booking and administration systems. This feature includes access control to key cabinets for self-service collection, providing customers with an unparalleled level of convenience and autonomy??.


Construction machinery rental software is transforming the rental industry, offering businesses innovative tools to manage their operations more efficiently. From inventory management to subscription services, these software solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the construction sector. By leveraging these technologies, rental companies can optimize their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth in a competitive marketplace.

Rental software for equipment rental businesses: all your questions answered

Wondering how our equipment rental software can add value to your business? Here are some common questions our clients ask and our answers to them.

Equipment rental software is highly beneficial for rental companies because it saves time tracking products, organizing day-to-day operations, and managing the business. It allows rental firms to provide excellent customer service and improve overall efficiency.
Yes. You can create orders received offline into the Sharefox equipment rental software. You can select the customer, the product ordered, and the payment method with a few clicks.
The self-service gateway lets you automate your rental delivery process with pickup points close to customers. Customers will receive an automated notification about the delivery and access the item via an SMS or mobile app. Contact the Sharefox team to evaluate the self-service system you’d like to integrate.

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We’ve built software solutions for rental companies across various sectors, including construction, sports and outdoor, mobility, and retail. Our clients are succeeding in their businesses and maintaining the lead in their industries.

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