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Transform Manufacturing with Plant Asset Management: A Key to Success

Transform Manufacturing with Plant Asset Management: A Key to Success

Transform Manufacturing with Plant Asset Management: A Key to Success


Plant Asset Management in Manufacturing: Essential for Modern Operations

Plant asset management is a crucial component in the manufacturing sector, involving a blend of services, software, and hardware. It’s designed to monitor and manage assets throughout their lifecycle, focusing on equipment, parts, and production lines to ensure optimal performance??.

The Rising Market of Automated Plant Asset Management

The market for plant asset management is on a significant rise, expected to grow from $5.5 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024. This growth is driven by the adoption of lean manufacturing and cloud-based asset management solutions, reflecting an industry-wide shift towards more automated systems??.

Safety First: Compliance with Rigorous Standards

Safety is paramount in manufacturing, especially when dealing with heavy machinery. Plant asset management systems, particularly those cloud-based, assist in adhering to safety standards by facilitating regular equipment inspections, thus reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring compliance with regulations like those set by the Occupational Safety and Health Hazard Administration (OSHA)??.

Navigating Fluctuating Costs with Asset Management

Manufacturing companies frequently face challenges with variable costs, such as labor, raw materials, and certification expenses. Consequently, plant asset management systems become crucial in monitoring these cost variations, providing analytical tools not only to predict future trends but also to manage expenses effectively.

Calibration and Maintenance: Minimizing Downtime

To reduce the risk of unplanned downtime, which can incur significant costs, regular calibration and maintenance are essential. In this regard, plant asset management software is invaluable, offering real-time data that assists in developing efficient maintenance schedules and monitoring equipment performance.

Efficient Equipment Use Across Multiple Locations

Given that manufacturing operations are often dispersed across various locations, tracking each piece of machinery is imperative. Plant asset management systems, therefore, play a key role in ensuring precise tracking and promoting the efficient and safe use of equipment at all sites.

Agile Project Management with Asset Management Tools

For project success, manufacturers need to meet strict deadlines. Consequently, robust plant asset management tools become essential. These tools offer clear visibility of inventory and maintenance schedules. Therefore, they facilitate informed decision-making and streamline production.

Sharefox presents a targeted solution for inventory asset tracking, especially for rental businesses. Specifically, tackles different facets of inventory asset tracking as follows:

  1. Integration with Booking Services: Sharefox’s inventory management system seamlessly integrates with your booking service. This integration aids in handling both online bookings and administrative reservations, ensuring a smooth transition between customer service and inventory management??.
  2. Comprehensive Rental Software: Sharefox’s software includes a comprehensive set of functionalities vital for operating an online rental store. This array comprises a booking system, online payments, subscriptions, self-service options, and rental inventory management. Consequently, these features are crucial for various rental businesses, such as event, retail, enterprise, bicycle, tool, and vehicle rentals.
  3. Real-Time Inventory Management: Sharefox’s online inventory system offers a digital solution that facilitates real-time tracking and management of inventory. Importantly, this real-time feature is essential in adapting to the dynamic nature of rental businesses, where inventory items are continuously booked, returned, and maintained.
  4. Equipment Inventory Software: The platform provides specialized equipment inventory software. Consequently, this digital tool assists businesses in effectively managing and tracking their equipment and tool inventory. It features a centralized database, where comprehensive details about each inventory item, such as descriptions, serial numbers, purchase dates, locations, and maintenance histories, can be stored. Therefore, such meticulous tracking is crucial for upholding the integrity and availability of rental equipment.
  5. Heavy Equipment Rental Features:

    For businesses dealing with heavy equipment rentals, Sharefox offers tailored features, including a comprehensive admin system. This admin system provides a back-end overview of the rental business, featuring a dashboard, order archives, and activity reports. This level of detail is vital for managing large, expensive, or specialized equipment that requires meticulous tracking.

    In summary, Sharefox provides an integrated, real-time solution for inventory asset tracking, designed to meet the needs of various rental businesses. Its capabilities in managing bookings, payments, and equipment tracking make it a robust tool for efficient inventory management.



  1. What is Sharefox Inventory Management?
    Sharefox Inventory Management is a digital solution for rental businesses to efficiently track and manage their inventory in real-time.
  2. How does Sharefox help with booking integrations?
    Sharefox integrates with online booking services, streamlining the process of handling both online and admin reservations.
  3. Can Sharefox manage different types of rental businesses?
    Yes, Sharefox is versatile and can manage various rental businesses, including event, retail, bicycle, tool, and vehicle rentals.
  4. What features does Sharefox offer for heavy equipment rentals?
    Sharefox offers features like a comprehensive admin system, real-time tracking, and detailed equipment management for heavy equipment rentals.
  5. Is Sharefox suitable for small-scale rental businesses?
    Absolutely, Sharefox’s scalable platform is ideal for both small-scale and large-scale rental businesses.
  6. How does Sharefox improve equipment inventory management?
    Sharefox provides a centralized database for equipment inventory, including details like serial numbers, purchase dates, and maintenance history.