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Self-Service rental with ShareBox and Sharefox

Smart self-service solutions are an area that ShareFox sees as important for the rental industry in the future. Our partner ShareBox delivers self-service cabinets where you can open / close via your mobile and retrieve, for example, a key to the product you have rented. Together, ShareFox and ShareBox have created a complete solution for self-service rental operations.

With a self-service service, customers can pick up and deliver the rental product at any time of the day using simple technology. Norway Post, for example, has recently launched stand-alone parcel boxes where you can pick up your parcel from a box that you open and close with your mobile phone. Within the rental industry, we see that this will be more relevant in the future for all standardized products. Therefore, ShareFox has recently entered into a collaboration with ShareBox and thus strengthened its focus on self-service solutions.

ShareBox develops and produces fully automatic key cabinets that are controllable by mobile devices using app, sms or pin code. With ShareBox the sender and recipient don’t need to be at the same place at the same time. It’s safe, easy and traceable.

ShareFox and ShareBox complete rental system

Complete rental solution = ShareFox + ShareBox

ShareFox and ShareBox deliver a concept that gives rental companies a complete solution for self-service. The all-digital rental solution from Sharefox includes both a booking and administration system, and a module for access control to key cabinets (for self-service collection / collection of the products you have rented). By using the solution, you as a rental company can save time, create a better customer experience and increase revenue. Imagine, for example, what it can mean for sales if you are open 24 hours a day via self-service ?, and how satisfied are your customers when they do not have to deal with opening hours !?

The solution works so that the customer journey starts on the website of the rental company, here you book and pay for the product you want to rent. When the customers have completed the order and are to pick up the products at the rental location, they get access to a key cabinet via mobile. Then you can easily pick up, for example, the trailer you have rented, and deliver it back in the same way. In addition, as a rental company, you get access to an administration system, both to handle the orders and with access control to the cabinet solution. Here, there is both a lot of money to save, and at the same time get a more structured rental operation

Tilhengerportalen – Increased capacity with an automated concept

Nesbru Tilhenger Service AS has been operating trailer rental for over 30 years. With the help of ShareFox and ShareBox, they have now developed a completely new and flexible system where customers can arrange everything themselves.

On their website you can easily book and pay for renting a trailer. After the booking is completed, you will receive an SMS with a link that allows you to receive the key to the rental product via an automatic key box.

With the help of this self-service solution, Nesbru Tilhenger Service AS now can rent out more than 30 units on a weekend without staffing.

Self-service rental with trailer portal

Self-service models = emerging market

A number of new self-service models will emerge in the rental industry. Technology opens up new opportunities and safer solutions. With the help of tracking, among other things, you can have greater control over your goods than before. We aim to be a leader in this field.

Find out more about Sharefox rental system, request a demo here!