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Product Update – February

The Schedule has received some huge updates, and we believe that many rental businesses will get a lot of value from using it. In this product update the Schedule is in focus, but we also share our new location and time search for your front page.


Here’s a brief overview:


Significant Updates to the Schedule

Schedule Sharefox

Names on Bars

The Schedule now displays the names of individuals or companies who have made bookings, offering you a clearer insight into who has rented and when.


Compact view

For those with extensive product or inventory lists, navigating the Schedule just got easier. The new Compact View allows for more information to be displayed vertically, improving overall visibility. Head over to the Schedule -> Settings-icon, and give it a try!


Some companies do not care too much about the totals per product, but rather focus on bookings per inventory item. If so, you can also beneath the setting for “Compact view” find a toggle for “Hide product totals”. Activating this will remove the green bars showing the total number of items booked for a product type, allowing for a more focused view on inventory items.

Pro Tip: Using the compressed view together with the “Yearly” view, can give you a great visual overview of the current and past year, helping you optimize your product assortment.


“Today” Update

If you have selected the “Monthly” or “Weekly” view, and press the “Today” button, the calendar will now start from today’s date.


Fix for “Show inventory”

We’ve fixed an issue where the “Show inventory” setting wasn’t saved between sessions. Now, your preferences will be remembered.



Drag-And-Drop to Change Assigned Inventory

Inventory - drag and drop

In the Schedule, you are now able to drag-and-drop an unassigned order down to an inventory ID under the same product. You can also drag-and-drop orders between a product’s inventory items. This can help you maximize the utilization of your orders; moving orders from one product over to another, leaving space for longer bookings.

Maybe your company does not assign orders to specific inventory items? If not, this could be a good time. Go to the Schedule -> Settings button -> Show inventory, and give it a try. You might want to give your inventory items unique names/numbers.

PS: Stay tuned for Drag-And-Drop between different products. This will be shipped within a few weeks.



Front Page Location & Time Search

Front Page Location & Time Search

With the introduction of Shop 2.0, customers can now specify their desired location and pickup/return times from the get-go. This can be handy if your users are very specific about what location, or what times they want to rent your products.

Contact if you want this set up for your shop.

Note: In some cases, the user should ideally first select the product, and see its availability in the calendar, before setting exact pickup/return times (which can limit the search a lot). So, if your customers care more about the exact product than the exact time, the front page search might not be the ideal solution for your shop. Note that you could also only include the Location selector on your front page, if you prefer this.