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Order management for machinery and tool rental: Streamlining for better results

Order management for machinery and tool rental: Streamlining for better results


In a world where efficiency and seamlessness are keywords for any business, especially in machinery and tool rental, it’s essential to take a closer look at how order management can be optimized. It’s time to bid farewell to the chaotic days of phones, emails, sticky notes, and Excel sheets dominating order handling. In this article, we’ll delve into what it is, why it’s important, and how you can improve order management.


What is order management?

Order management refers to the process of managing and coordinating orders of machinery and tools from customers. This includes everything from ordering to invoicing and follow-up after the rental period. An efficient order management process ensures that each order is handled seamlessly, with minimal risk of errors or delays.


Why improve order management?

Improving order management provides several benefits for rental companies, including:


Increased order efficiency

Elimination of double bookings and full control over all orders.


Better planning

Freeing up time to support advanced projects, thanks to the automation of orders for standard equipment.


Streamlining rental operations

Automation and improvement of the ordering process lead to the entire rental operation becoming more efficient.


Customer satisfaction

Customers’ ability to place orders anytime, as well as easy access to information about order status.


Time and cost savings

Order processing is expedited with automation, freeing up your staff’s time and saving you costs associated with performing tasks manually.


Increased competitive advantages

Efficient order management is crucial for increasing competitive advantages and boosting revenues.


Order management


How to streamline order management?

To achieve these benefits, a thorough approach to digitizing and automating the order flow is necessary. Here are some key steps to achieve this:


Access orders in real-time

Digital order management systems allow you to track orders, payments, and status in real-time, ensuring you always have updated information.


Clear order registry

A digital registry provides easy access to information about orders, customers, payments, and rental items.


Online ordering system

Allow customers to check availability and place orders directly on your website. Enable online payments with deposits and add additional features to streamline order handling.


Order tracking

By tracking each order throughout the process, you can ensure efficient processing and delivery. This is especially important for rental companies with high volume and high velocity.


Calendar view

A clear calendar view of orders and which rental units are rented or available provides better planning and resource allocation. At the same time, it becomes easier to track the flow of each order.


Efficient order management is crucial for success

Efficient order management is a crucial factor for success in machinery and tool rental. By digitizing and automating the order flow, businesses can achieve significant benefits, including increased efficiency, better customer satisfaction, and more time to focus on core activities. By implementing modern order management systems, rental companies can optimize their operations and ensure a seamless experience for both employees and customers.


Order management


Digitization and automation of order management

It doesn’t have to be complicated to digitize and automate order management. Sharefox offers a comprehensive toolset for efficient order management for rental companies.


Receive physical and online orders in one system

When it comes to creating orders, Sharefox offers a simple and intuitive process. Whether the customer places the order online on your website or manually, the platform provides a user-friendly interface to handle this. From choosing products to specifying start and end times, Sharefox allows customization of each order according to the customer’s needs. When entering a manual order, you will receive a summary of the order before confirming it, providing you and the customer with extra security.


Order management

Streamline order handling

By using Sharefox, you can easily manage both upcoming and past orders. Each order comes with details such as start and end times, distribution type, and status, ensuring you and your colleagues have full visibility of all your orders. Using filters and different views, you can tailor the display to your needs and preferences.


Less time spent on each order

In an increasingly digitized world, rental businesses like RentMeNow have taken the next step by implementing the advanced rental system from Sharefox to increase order efficiency. By embracing digitization, they now have full control over inventory and availability at each location, enabling them to optimize capacity to the fullest.


Rental planning: free up time and increase revenue

With the Schedule feature from Sharefox, you get a comprehensive overview of upcoming orders in a convenient calendar view. This makes it easy for you to assess availability and status for each order, as well as keep track of individual items and product groups. By using various views and filtering options, you can tailor the display to your needs and ensure efficient planning and resource allocation.


Do you want to create more efficient order management? Try Sharefox for free today.