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Product Update – May


We hope you have had a great start to what is for many the high season. Spring is slowly turning into summer, and we have some nice product updates to share with you.


Open-ended return

In some cases, you do not want to force your customer to set a return date when ordering; and rather leave this “open”. So that you can invoice your customers on a monthly basis, and the customer can keep the product for as long as it is needed. This is in particular a common practice for companies renting out tools and machinery products, but also others could benefit from this. If you consider this, you should be aware that a booking of a product open-ended, not demanding a return date, will block others from booking the product far into the future.


This feature will start to roll out in the nearest weeks. If you are interested in becoming one of the first customers to test this feature out, reach out to and indicate your interest.



Improved pickup- and return emails

When you register an order as “Picked up” or “Returned”, you are asked if you want to send a confirmation of this to the customer. These emails are now updated to include the full customer information, including “Extra information” fields, such as project number etc. set up for your shop. In the pickup email you will also see a list of all products that have been handed out. Sending out such emails can be a great service for your customers, assuring them on exactly what was picked up (or not), and that a return was done.






Speed improvements on the order list

The order list is one of the most used pages in Sharefox, and it is now significantly faster than before. As this page loads data from all orders, the pressure on the system is high when thousands of orders are loaded. We have been able to improve our queries, and think a bit smarter about how to load this data, helping you become a bit more efficient handling your orders.



Flyt Autopass integration

From before we have the Autopass integration with Fremtind. Now we will, in a few days, also integrate with Flyt. This means that you can trigger passing fees from toll roads and ferries to be allocated to your orders. Read more here.