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What is beauty tech and how is it supporting circular economy? 

Beauty tech

By Christian Wilkens 

What is Beauty Tech?  

Beauty tech refers to the use of technology in the beauty industry, including the development and production of beauty products and the use of technology in the delivery of beauty services. This can include the use of digital tools and platforms for marketing, sales, and customer service, as well as the use of technology in the formulation and production of beauty products.


Beauty tech and sustainability

One way that beauty tech is supporting the circular economy is through the use of technology to facilitate the reuse and recycling of beauty products. For example, some companies are using digital platforms to facilitate the sale of gently used beauty products like wigs and fashion clothing, which can help extend the lifespan of these items and reduce waste. 



The beauty industry is steadily growing and using technology to support its growth. More and more entrepreneurs in the industry are turning to subscription services and software tools to maximize their profits, streamline processes and move towards a more circular economy.

Subscription services have become increasingly popular for beauty entrepreneurs as it allows them to offer customers access to curated products at discounted rates or even free, while providing them with a steady flow of income. For example, if you’re a hairstylist who offers wigs as part of your service, you could opt for a subscription service like Sharefox, which allows you to automate deliveries, manage inventory and track orders from start to finish. This type of service gives you more control over your customer base and provides an easy way for customers to reorder without having to remember each item or set up multiple accounts for different purchases.

Rental Software

Software solutions have also been utilized by many beauty professionals in order to make their business more efficient and cost-effective. For example, inventory management systems allow beauty entrepreneurs to keep track of stock levels and easily manage ordering processes from one centralized platform, meaning stock will never run out unexpectedly. Additionally, booking systems can help streamline the customer experience by allowing customers to book appointments online quickly and easily – reducing the need for manual processes such as inputting data into forms manually or calling back clients constantly. The use of digital payment systems such as Stripe, nets or PayPal can also provide an extra layer of security when it comes to payments, meaning customer data is stored securely and transactions are completed quickly with minimal effort on behalf of the entrepreneur. 

Chat bots

Another emerging trend in the beauty tech space is the use of virtual assistants and chat bots which can be used by both customers and businesses alike. These virtual assistants enable users to ask questions about products based on past purchases, current trends or specific desires; they can then provide tailored recommendations that have been tailored just for them. 


Such applications are becoming increasingly popular within the beauty industry as they allow customers access information quickly without having to wait for human assistance; this ensures a quicker turnaround time when dealing with enquiries – something that would otherwise take up precious time that could be better utilized elsewhere within the business. 

Sum up and what you should do next

As technology advances further into our everyday lives it’s clear that businesses must continue innovating in order to keep up with consumer demands – beauty tech is just one example of this shift towards increased efficiency through innovation.

By utilizing subscription services, rental software tools and chat bots; entrepreneurs within the beauty sector can now make their businesses more profitable whilst still remaining eco-friendly – something that will no doubt become even more important in years ahead as sustainability continues gaining traction around the world. 

Overall, beauty tech has the potential to play a significant role in supporting the transition to a circular economy by enabling technology and promoting sustainability and waste reduction in the beauty industry. 

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How this Beauty Tech start-Up got a head start with Rental software.

Wellcapped is a revolutionary beauty tech company from the USA that provides an easy and convenient monthly subscription service for wigs. With this service, their customers can enjoy access to an extensive selection of stellar hair options each month. 


Wellcapped prides itself on their innovative approach to technology, which enables them to streamline and automate many of their processes. 


This saves time and effort for both themselves and their customers, allowing them to track orders, manage inventory, view payment information history, process credit cards, automate customer payments and recurring billing with ease. 


Through the use of Sharefox’s advanced rental software platform, Wellcapped have been able to offer an unparalleled experience with their wig subscription service that allows for a hassle-free transition into fabulous new hairstyles every month.

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