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Revolutionizing Tool Rental Business: 24/7 Self-Service Experience

Self-service for rental businesses

The rental industry is being revolutionized by self-service. This offers tools and machinery rental businesses a new way to grow and attract more customers. With its unique approach to running a rental business, self-service provides unparalleled convenience and paves the way for future success. In this article, we will explore the advantages of adopting a self-service model, discuss strategies to thrive in this evolving landscape and look at what technologies can help you succeed in this evolving landscape.

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What are the advantages of transforming your tools and machinery rental business into a self-service model?

One of the significant advantages of turning your tools and machinery rental business into a self-service model is providing customers with access to your equipment around the clock. By implementing a self-service solution, customers can rent equipment at any time that suits their schedule, even outside of regular business hours.


The improved accessibility of your tools and machinery rental business enables you to serve a wider customer base, including those who have varying work schedules or require immediate assistance. Providing 24/7 access ensures that your customers can get what they need when they need it, leading to greater convenience and customer satisfaction. The added flexibility could lead to an increase in both new and returning customers, thus generating more revenue for your tools and machinery rental business.


Implementing self-service options in your tools and machinery rental business allows for a streamlined and efficient customer experience. This eliminates the need for time-consuming paperwork and reduces the chances of errors or miscommunication during the rental process. With self-service, customers can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience, enhancing their overall satisfaction and loyalty to your rental business.


In conclusion, transitioning your rental business into a self-service model offers numerous benefits. It provides customers with 24/7 access to equipment, increases rental volume, delivers a smooth customer experience, and ensures the security of rented items through secure locking systems. By embracing self-service, you can enhance customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and drive the growth of your rental business.

What self-service technologies can you use for your tool and machinery rental business?

How to set up a fully integrated self-service system for your rental business?

There are various types of self-service solutions available on the market, and you need to find the one that is best for your business and customers. Online booking systems and smart locks are examples of self-service solutions that allow customers to access rental equipment without needing staff assistance. This offers a convenient way for customers to access the equipment anytime they need it.

Booking system

Sharefox leads the way in self-service rental solutions, partnering with Inlet and iglooohome to offer a comprehensive, quick, and easy-to-implement solution. Our all-in-one package equips rental businesses with everything they need for self-service rentals, from booking and payment to equipment access. Customers can conveniently book equipment online through Sharefox, receiving an SMS access code to unlock their rentals. Inlet and iglooohome Padlock ensure keyless access and remote management.


self-service solution

Sharefox provides extra services that make renting easier for customers and rental companies, alongside the main rental process. Sharefox offers photos and documentation of the equipment both before and after the rental period. This helps in recording any damages or issues accurately, especially for self-service rentals where rental companies lack the on-site staff to monitor the equipment.

The Tool Shed – A fully automated self-service rental business

The Tool Shed (Verktøyskuret in Norwegian) is a tool rental business founded in response to the founder’s frustration with existing rental services. They recognized the need for renting tools instead of buying them for each project. They faced challenges in booking special tools due to high demand and found that rental businesses lacked expertise. Prices were too steep, and limited opening hours made returns inconvenient. This led to the creation of The Tool Shed, aiming to offer a better rental experience.


At the beginning of our conversation with The Tool Shed, they expressed interest in providing their customers with effortless and automated rental service. To meet their needs, we proposed an all-inclusive self-service solution in collaboration with our partners Inlet and igloohome.

Tool rental software

Tool rental software

Using Sharefox Tool Rental Software, they established a new rental site and a powerful booking system. Customers can effortlessly browse tools, check availability at various locations, and make reservations. The software seamlessly integrates a secure payment solution with ID verification, ensuring fast and reliable transactions. It also streamlines inventory and booking management across multiple branches, simplifying operations. The Tool Shed implemented automated emails for efficient customer communication and management, reducing the time spent on each customer while maintaining quality.


By utilizing igloohome’s digital padlocks, The Tool Shed ensures a secure service that grants customers 24/7 access. Inlet’s technology is employed for integration and delivery of access codes to the padlocks via SMS.

Self-service for rental businesses

The Tool Shed is now a tool rental business that offers customers the flexibility to rent tools anytime through a self-service system operating 24/7. Sharefox implementation has transformed their rental experience, providing seamless service around the clock. Integration with Inlet and igloohome ensures secure access control. 


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