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Podcast: Rest vs. owning products

Four companies gathered for a podcast recording about rent vs own
Listen to the Norwegian podcast where Jernia,, Subscrybe and Sharefox discuss the topic.

Is demand far ahead of supply?

More and more Norwegians prefer to rent physical objects rather than own them. This gives consumers a lot of freedom to choose freely between different products and not to tie up money in items that are not used much.

For the environment, this is a sustainable model – but is the business model profitable?

In this podcast, we have gathered representatives from four companies that are deeply involved in circular economy, sustainability and service development – Andreas Hannevik from Jernia, Henrik Hojem from Parkdressen, Fred Kihle from Sharefox and Jon Erik Ofstad from Subscrybe. Listen to the conversation on the theme from owning to renting.

Listen to the podcast here

Podcast - Renting vs owning