Jernia is a Norwegian retail chain for home improvement with more than 130 locations across Norway.

As a part of their initiative to introduce new service offerings, Jernia rents out various tools to their customers. Tools are an example of merchandise which consumers do not need to own for a one-time project. 

Offering tools for rent is a perfect entry into the circular economy, and their customers love it. It has grown to be one of Jernia’s largest service lines and put them solidly on the map as one of pioneers of sustainability in Norway.

Retail chain setup

Jernia is using the full retail module. A branded customer front, with products, blogs, customer pages to receive bookings and online payments.

Each of Jernia’s 130 shops is set up with their individual opening hours and separate inventory. Each shop only sees their individual orders, calendar and receipts.

The company’s headquarters has the full overview of all the orders in the system, product, blog and can sort down to the individual shops. 

Scaling with Sharefox

Jernia and Sharefox has worked closely developing tool rental services. The first pilot with five shops was set up in a few months where business processes and configurations were tested, and training processes for employees were developed.

After the initial pilot, Sharefox was rolled out to the rest of the shops in different batches and is now operating 130 shops nationwide.